Dawgpost Subscribers Monday night. Here is a re-cap of the action."> Dawgpost Subscribers Monday night. Here is a re-cap of the action.">

Interactive Chat Re-Cap with UGA Commit

<b>Jeremy Lomax</b> dropped by the Dawgpost for a chat with the <a href="https://secure.theinsiders.com/store/view.aspx?s=135&p=6">Dawgpost Subscribers</a> Monday night. Here is a re-cap of the action.

The format for the chat was as follows: Jeremy Lomax was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of TheInsiders.com.  Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Jeremy. Jeremy then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

JasonB416: Jeremy, are your trying to recruit players to UGA and if yes who, and how is it going?
Jeremy Lomax: I'm trying to get Anthony Parker to come, and at the ALL Star game I met Charles Johnson but I didn't know he was committed. I'm trying to get Calvin Johnson too. I'm also recruiting Demiko Goodman, but it's FSU and UGA for him.

BigDawg21: Jeremy how much do you weigh as of right now?
Jeremy Lomax: I'm up to 210lbs

JasonB416: Jeremy what made you choose UGA over the other schools?
Jeremy Lomax: The fans. The fans are just awesome. Everywhere you go, you see UGA flags and car tags. When I went there, I mean 95,000 is Impressive. Sold out every game

SWGADAWG: Does Jeremy play other sports in HS? If so...how's he doing?
Jeremy Lomax: I play basketball and track also. I'm doing pretty good in basketball. In track I throw discus, and do High jump. I'm trying to clear 6'8.

courierdawg: do you plan on redshirting or play next year
Jeremy Lomax: If I get my weight up, I plan on at least getting in on special teams. I will redshirt though if they want me too

JasonB416: Jeremy , what was the hardest hit you ever gave on the football field, and in your first game against UF can you do the same to their QB?
Jeremy Lomax: When I hit the guy from Newnan. I would love to hit Chris Leak. I met him at a camp my Junior year.

courierdawg: what did you think of the other UGA commits you met at the north south game
Jeremy Lomax: Eric (Eric McLendon) is a monster, and Charles (Charles Johnson) is too. He rushed the pass rusher like I've never seen. Eric, that cat is huge

bdaball24: JL are you enrolling in June or August
Jeremy Lomax: I'm enrolling in summer school right after I graduate. Sometime in June

BHDawg: What are your Goals at Georgia?
Jeremy Lomax: I want to win championships, make the grade, and leave with a diploma. That's my main goal

bdaball24: are you planning on taking anymore visits
Jeremy Lomax: I thought about taking some, but I think I'm pretty much through. I had Tennessee and NC State scheduled, but I don't think I'm going

JasonB416: do you know what you want to major in?
Jeremy Lomax: Political Science, and a minor in business

bhdawg: Are you ready for the mat drills
Jeremy Lomax: I heard mat drills were rough. I don't know. I'm ready for the challenge, it's gonna make me better.

byoungjr: Who recruited you? Are you looking forward to working with Fabris?
Jeremy Lomax: Coach Garner recruited me. Coach Fabris treats me like a son.

thedogfather: Do you pattern your game after any NFL player? If so who?
Jeremy Lomax: I'd say I'm more of a Jason Taylor. He's got more speed, but he was 225lb coming out of college. I'm going to stay at rush end. I'll play TE, QB, wherever they need me.

bhdawg: How many hours do you work out now
Jeremy Lomax: I do a little running and jump rope during b-ball, and I'm hitting the weights hard when I get my workout program

bhdawg: what's your latest 40 tI'me
Jeremy Lomax: I ran a 4.65 this spring, I may be faster now

JasonB416: Jeremy what are your thoughts on the UGA bowl game
Jeremy Lomax: The bowl game was good. They started coming back, but it was a real good game

byoungjr: Who was the best player you faced on the Football Field
Jeremy Lomax: I've got to say Travis Evans from Westside Macon. He is a player

JasonB416: Jeremy did you grow up a dawg fan?
Jeremy Lomax: I was more of a Florida fan, growing up.

bhdawg: Who was the first college to offer you
Jeremy Lomax: East Carolina offered me my Junior year

BigDawg21: Jeremy what kind of music do you listen too and who is your favorite singer/rapper?
Jeremy Lomax: I listed to R&B and Rap. I like R. Kelly. He's good for talking to females

bdaball24: how about those new locker rooms?
Jeremy Lomax: The new locker room is bad. I like how they have the new case thing set up and all.

JasonB416: Jeremy who is your favorite athlete regardless of sport?
Jeremy Lomax: That's a hard one. I like Michael Vick a lot. I like Julius Peppers, Javon Kearse

bdaball24: what jersey # do you prefer?
Jeremy Lomax: Whatever number they give me. I really like #4, but I will wear whatever

byoungjr: Who is y'alls biggest rival.
Jeremy Lomax: Mt. Zion and Jonesboro are the biggest. I came from Jonesboro so they are the biggest.

thedogfather: Are you already starting to feel a strong dislike toward Tech, Tennessee, Florida, and Auburn?
Jeremy Lomax: Oh yeah. Jamal Lewis signed with tech and he's already talking junk. I don't like them

AK Dawg: Jeremy, Coach Richt seems like a man if high integrity, and you can trust. Do you get that same feeling about him also?
Jeremy Lomax: Coach Richt is one of the coolest dudes ever. He's hands on and he actually takes time with you

SWGADAWG: Has he been sized for his SEC Championship rings yet??
Jeremy Lomax: (Laughing) I'm working on that ring now. My brother Wayne goes to MSU, and he said they're going to win it.

Walkerdawg: Jeremy, have to you talked to Demiko Goodman?
Jeremy Lomax: I haven't talked to Demiko. He was supposed to be at the All-Star game.

thedogfather: Jeremy, who is the National Champion?
Jeremy Lomax: LSU is the national champion. They won the SEC! You only lose one game in the SEC, you deserve to be champion.

AK Dawg: Jeremy, I project your playing size will be around 250 lbs in 2 years or so, is that an accurate prediction?
Jeremy Lomax: I'd say about 240-245lbs, but if I can move with 250lbs, I'll wear it!

Ryan Jordan: Gonna end this now, Jeremy would like to say, "Go Dawgs!" Thanks for Coming By The Chat!

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