Josh Johnson talks about Georgia Visit

<b>Josh Johnson</b> was one of several top players that was visiting Georgia this weekend. We caught up with him briefly, and he told us about his visit.

"Ray Gant was my player host," said Josh Johnson. "I also got to hang out with some of my old teammates like Demario (Demario Minter) and TJ (T.J. Gartrell). We went to some meetings on Friday night, and then we went to a club afterwards. We went through the academic meetings yesterday, and we got to tour the new dorm that they are building for the players."

Johnson made a commitment to Miami on his official visit, but has since backed off on that at bit; has that changed?

"I didn't really make a 'commitment' commitment, but I was pretty sure that's where I wanted to go."

How about after his visit to Georgia, does Miami still lead?

"I don't know. It's still Miami, Georgia, and Florida."

Johnson will visit Florida next week.

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