Wide Receiver Loves Georgia Visit

WR <b>Kenneth Harris</b> tripped south to Athens, GA this weekend to check out the Dawgs. To say he was impressed, would be to put it mildly.

"Everything about Georgia was great. I really enjoyed myself. I would have to give the visit a 9.5," Kenneth Harris said.

What was the best part for Kenneth?

"Fred Gibson was my host and just hanging out with him and the other players was the best part. We met up with his friends and just had a good time. He's really cool and very funny. We got along well."

Kenneth had planned to fly into Athens on a private jet provided by the University. What did he think of that experience?

"I had a game Friday night, and the plane was going to pick me up afterwards. But, it snowed and they cancelled the game, and the pilot said visibility was too bad to take off. So, me and my mom and my uncle all drove down there on Saturday morning. They loved it. My mom really liked it, and my uncle said he was impressed."

What else did Harris do on his visit?

"We took a tour of the campus, the locker room, and the new dorms. We watched a highlight tape of the season, and I liked that a lot. We got to go on the field and they called my name out and put my name on the jumbotron. They had me wear a #7 jersey, because that's my high school number."

Has this visit put the Dawgs out front?

"Georgia is my leader. I just feel that if I can go in and prove myself, I can play early there."

N.C. State gets the first, and maybe the only chance to deter Kenneth away from Georgia when he visits Raleigh next weekend. Can the Wolfpack steer him away from the Dawgs?

"I don't know. If when I go to State (NCSU), they give me that feeling like I need to be there, then I'll have to think about it. It all comes down to how I'm gonna feel."

Kenneth plans to make a decision as early as next week, and right now the University of Georgia holds a pretty big advantage. However, the Wolfpack have been in the thick of things with him since the beginning, and they will do their best to change his mind when he gets to campus next Friday.

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