Keeping up with the scholarship numbers

So you are confused about how many more scholarships are available for Georgia to offer for fall semester 2004? Well in the article provided below you will be able to better understand Georgia's scholarship availability.

Georgia graduated 11 scholarship players of its allotment of 2003 talent. One player, Sean Jones, left early for the NFL. Three players are not returning for the 2004 season due to injuries which means that all told the staff has 15 scholarships available for the 2004 season. (11+1+3 = 15)

Danny Ware, Randall Swoopes, Blake Barnes, and A. J. Bryant are all on campus and all count against the magic 85 number for the fall of 2004. That means that Georgia has 11 scholarships that it needs to fill for fall of 2004. (15 – 4 = 11)

But the Dawgs already have 13 commitments; how are they all going to get in?

Remember that three players in the class are already in school at Georgia (Ware, Bryant, and Barnes). So that leaves Georgia with 11 slots available after taking those players and Swoopes into consideration.

What about the likes of Brandon Lang and Cedric Hodges?

Those players that will not qualify academically and do not enroll at Georgia this fall will not count against the fall 2004 number. At no time can a school have more than 85 players on scholarship. So even though it may appear like the coaching staff may have already signed up too many to get into school keep in mind that several of the committed players will likely wind up in a prep school or even in a junior college. Which means that the Dawgs can sign and place those players for 2005's singing class.

In theory Georgia could sign up more than the allotted slots allow and still get who they need to get into school for 2004 and wait on the non-qualifiers to get their grades for the class of 2005.

But you have to always be careful not to overextend offers. As with the 2004 class, the 2005 class might be restricted due to lack of available scholarships. The senior class of 2004, which includes future Georgia greats David Greene and David Pollack (just to name two) only graduates 11 players. Yes, some players may leave early for the NFL but only one left this year and many thought that the number leaving could be as high as 4 or 5 after the 2003 season.

In other words: don't sweat it yet. There are still slots available for your favorite 5-star stud to make it to the roster.

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