Newest Georgia Commitment Discusses Decision

Alabama OL <b>Chester Adams</b> made a visit to Georgia last weekend, and he told me he was "shocked" by what he saw. That shock turned into a commitment as he chose the Dawgs over Alabama and Auburn on Wednesday morning.

"I committed to Georgia. People think it was the visit, but I had my mind made up about a month ago that I was going to Georgia, that just pushed it over the limit. I was skeptical about some things, and it just cleared it all up," Chester Adams said.

How tough was it to turn down his childhood favorite, the Crimson Tide?

"It was real tough. I had to break the news, but I couldn't do it. I got my coach to do it. That's how hard it actually was."

Where does Chester feel he fits in among the guys on the offensive line that Georgia already has?

"That's one of the things I was skeptical about. Was I gonna fit in? Was the players gonna like me? Would I be an odd ball just standing in the back? Coach Calloway said he talked to the players after I left, and that they all really enjoyed me. I really liked being around them, so I liked that."

How early does Chester expect to contribute?

"If I go there and do what I'm supposed to do and work hard, which I definitely plan to do, I'll get to play. But hey, if I go there and someone works harder than me, and I get beat, I'll just sit out. Plain and simple, it can't go any other way. Work pays off period, that's what I say."

What does the "Big Cheese" thinks he needs to work on the most before stepping it up to the next level?

"Well, I know there are longer quarters, but with T.V. timeouts I may not have to worry about that. I think my endurance is pretty good. My feet are quick, but I'd like to get them quicker. Also, I'm going to work on getting out of my stance."

What did Coach Calloway mean to Chester during the process?

"Oh, he's just one of the great guys. He reminds so much of Coach Dubose and Coach Norman at my high school. A lot of people say that just because Coach Dubose knew Coach Calloway that it's why Georgia got my attention. Coach Dubose told my momma, and she'll swear by it, that he would never influence my decision in any way. He told me that when it all boils down to it, he's not going to be the one up there sweating and bleeding."

What is he looking forward to the most about getting to Athens?

"Just getting to walk out on that field. I may not to get to do that next year, I might do. But whenever I get to do it, I know it will be one of the greatest experiences I had."

How close is Chester to qualifying?

"My grades are really, really good. I'm actually a couple tenths off my goal with the NCAA Clearing House to be eligible. I need a 2.475, and right now I got a 2.40

Will Adams still visit Alabama and Auburn?

"No I told coach to cancel them today. Coach Dubose talked about guys who decommit and stuff like that, and he told me not do that. Our word is our bond, and I'm not going to go back on my word."

To say Chester Adams is excited about playing for the Georgia Bulldogs would be a gross understatement. The "Big Cheese" will attempt to make a big impact on the Dawgs offensive front in the coming years.

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