Dawgpost Subscribers . Here is a re-cap of the action."> Dawgpost Subscribers . Here is a re-cap of the action.">

Interactive Chat Re-Cap with UGA Commit

<b>Brannan Southerland</b> dropped by the Dawgpost for a chat with the <a href="https://secure.theinsiders.com/store/view.aspx?s=135&p=6">Dawgpost Subscribers</a> . Here is a re-cap of the action.

The format for the chat was as follows:
Brannan Southerland Southerland was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of TheInsiders.com. Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Southerland. Southerland then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

AlDog:: What position are the coaches wanting you to play? Also welcome to the DawgNation.
Brannan Southerland:: Well, the position is still up in the air. Not sure what position just yet I'll Play what gets me on the field first. I'll know after spring practice

bdaball24:: Welcome B, what is your current weight?
Brannan Southerland:: I weighed in at 6'1 223lbs this weekend when I went to UGA

GeorgiaDog1955:: Are you enrolling in the summer?
Brannan Southerland:: I'm not sure If I'm enrolling in summer school. I will work out with the team though

DAWGWILD2:: What recruits did you speak to over the weekend? Who like their visits?
Brannan Southerland:: I talked to Calvin Johnson, Ramarcus Brown. Ramarcus seem to be real excited about it. Me and Brandon Lang had fun

GaPitCrew2:: Would you rather make a 6 yd td to win the game or make stuff the other teams running back on 4th and 1 as time expired?
Brannan Southerland:: That's tough. I'd like to make the big hit the most.

JasonB416:: What are you going to study at UGA?
Brannan Southerland:: I may major in business. I'm not 100% sure yet

bdaball24:: who was your host this past weekend?
Brannan Southerland:: My host was Trey Chandler from Buford. He's a great guy.

FlyFishDawg:: What coach impressed you the most?
Brannan Southerland:: All the coaches at GA are really great. Coach VG, coach Rucker, and Coach Bobo are the ones I dealt with the most

bdaball24:: how are the new dorms and locker rooms?
Brannan Southerland:: The new locker room is great. It's brand new with a new look. The new dorms are more than enough. They're like apartments

DAWGWILD2:: Did you meet Harris? Did he like UGA?
Brannan Southerland:: I do not remember meeting Harris

bdaball24:: did you have a feeling that Calvin might go to Tech?
Brannan Southerland:: It's hard to say. Calvin is just a quiet kid. He keeps to himself.

bdaball24:: Who are you planning on rooming with next year?
Brannan Southerland:: We have 4 roommates in the new dorm, so I'm not sure yet

DAWGWILD2:: What CD is in your CD player right now?
Brannan Southerland:: Life on Display by Puddle of Mudd

bdaball24:: What # do you want for next year, or does it matter?
Brannan Southerland:: If #35 is available, that would be my first pick

AlDog:: What school other than UGA impressed you he most and why?
Brannan Southerland:: I really like Oklahoma. Facilities and coaches were outstanding

JasonB416:: Brannan did you meet David Pollack and if yes what did you think
Brannan Southerland:: I did not see Pollack all weekend

Magillicuddy:: Brannan, were you surprised by how many people pay attention to recruiting?
Brannan Southerland:: In some ways yes, in some ways no.. I knew recruiting was a big thing

mojocowboy:: Brannan, who is the best high School player you have played against?
Brannan Southerland:: Darius Walker

DAWGWILD2:: Where did your parents go to college?
Brannan Southerland:: Both my parents went to Carson-Newman in Tennessee

bdaball24:: did you meet Greene, was he nice?
Brannan Southerland:: I did meet David Greene. He is very, very nice. Very humble

JasonB416:: Brannan why did you choose UGA over the other schools?
Brannan Southerland:: I felt most at home at UGA. The coaching staff with Mark Richt, and its close to home

DAWGWILD2:: What college team did you support growing up?
Brannan Southerland:: I really liked Stanford. I watched Georgia the most though

FredGoDeep:: Has he talked to Micah Andrews lately?
Brannan Southerland:: I have. I talked to Micah on Friday when he went back to Wake Forest. He's excited for next season

bdaball24:: have you spoke to Coach Van Halanger about weight lifting for this offseason?
Brannan Southerland:: I haven't talked to Coach Van Halanger yet. After signing day

DAWGWILD2:: Did you do any partying over the weekend? Did you go to Fred Gibson's party Fri?
Brannan Southerland:: I did not go to Gibson's party. I hung with Trey and Zeb

DAWGWILD2:: Do you have a girlfriend? Will she go to UGA if you have one?
Brannan Southerland:: I do have a girlfriend, and her name is Lauren. She's a junior

GaPitCrew2:: What were your final stats from this season?
Brannan Southerland:: I had, I wanna say, 845yds rushing. 9.1ypc, and 14 TD's. 131 tackles

mojocowboy:: Brannan, Offense or Defense?
Brannan Southerland:: I don't know. I really cant say where I want to play

JasonB416:: Brannan how did the girls on campus look and is that the real reason you chose UGA?
Brannan Southerland:: There were plenty of good looking girls in Athens this weekend

DAWGWILD2:: Did you meet Chris Hickman
Brannan Southerland:: I did not meet Chris Hickman yet

GaPitCrew2:: Have you been to any games between the hedges? Which ones?
Brannan Southerland:: I've been to Kentucky and Alabama this year. Good games

AlDog:: What did it feel like to run out onto Sanford Stadium with your name being announced?
Brannan Southerland:: It was pretty incredible. Even though the stadium was empty, it was very cool

FlyFishDawg:: What can you bench and squat?
Brannan Southerland:: I bench 335lbs, and I squatted 545 today

DAWGWILD2:: Did you meet Jae Thaxton?
Brannan Southerland:: I did meet Jae. He's a good guy. I played with him at the All Star game. He's a quiet guy

JasonB416:: Brannan what UGA recruits did you talk to at the allstar game and what did they have to say?
Brannan Southerland:: Josh Johnson, Charles Johnson, Jae Thaxton....They were talking about their visit coming up to Athens

FlyFishDawg:: what do you run the 40 in?
Brannan Southerland:: I run right around a 4.5 flat

Brannan Southerland:: Thanks for the questions, and thanks for your support of the Dawgs. Go Dawgs!

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