Atlanta Athlete back from Athens

Atlanta ATH <b>Inquourous Johnson</b> made the short trek from Georgia's Capital City to the University of Georgia this weekend to check out the Dawgs. What did he think?

"It was fun. The best part was just hanging out with the guys," Inquorous Johnson said.

Who was his host?

"Tyson Browning hosted me. He's a real cool guy. He took me to the clubs and that was tight. Athens don't have as much to do as Atlanta, but I can deal with it."

Johnson also got to take a trip to Coach Richt's home.

"He's got a nice house. The food was great. We had prime rib, green beans, and corn. I played pool downstairs with two guys from North Carolina (Jamar Bryant & Danell Ellerbe). They was real cool. Coach Richt also told me that they still wanted me at cornerback or wide receiver."

Did the visit bolt the Dawgs to the front?

"Georgia's in the lead. I really like it down there. I'm going to visit Tennessee on the 30th and make a decision after that."

Inky also got some good news in the classroom shortly before Christmas.

"I made all A's last semester, and I only need 30pts on my SAT now. I'm taking it next weekend, and that's why I'm not taking any visits."

Inky says he would prefer to play WR, but hasn't yet made up his mind. Tennessee will likely get the only chance to steer him away from Athens in the next 2 weeks.

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