Ellerbe returns from Athens

Danell Ellerbe tripped to Athens this weekend with teammate Jamar Bryant. Jamar left as a brand new Bulldog. Did Ellerbe follow suit?

Danell Ellerbe tripped south to Athens, GA this weekend. How did he like it?

"It went straight. I didn't commit or anything, but I give it a 9," Danell Ellerbe said.

What was the best part for Danell?

"Going out partying with my host Danny Ware. He's a cool guy, and he loves it at Georgia."

What did Danell think of Coach Richt?

"He's cool. Pretty straightforward and honest with you."

Danell liked everything about Athens except one detail.

"I don't like the depth chart up there, and that's probably the biggest factor in my decision. They have a lot of linebackers."

Ellerbe still claims Georgia, Tennessee, Clemson, and North Carolina State as all even. He visits the Vols this upcoming weekend.

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