Georgia in Good Shape With WR

Kenny O'Neal took a trip clear across the country this weekend to check out the Florida Gators. What did he think?

"It was cool. It didn't really surprise me, because I knew what's it like. That's just a visit I wanted to take. I'm not going to go there," Kenny O'Neal said.

What was it about the Gators that Kenny didn't fit Kenny quite right?

"The players was real cool, but they kind of stick to themselves sometimes. Florida also has a lot of receivers."

Who is in the lead for Kenny now?

"Georgia is still the leader. Florida State is 2nd, and I dropped Oregon. Oregon was real nice and I may have went there, but they have 11 receivers on scholarship."

Will Kenny still visit the Noles on the 30th?

"Probably not. That's a long trip, and I'll probably be committed by then."

When told about Michael Grant's commitment to Georgia, Kenny had this to say.

"That helps them a lot. He and Ramarcus, those are my guys. We all talked about how track was going to be when we got there (Georgia) this weekend."

It looks like just a matter of time before Kenny O'Neal makes a public commitment to Georgia. O'Neal would fill a huge need for the Dawgs at WR.

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