Happy to be a Dawg now? Just wait for the future

This past weekend may change the scope of Georgia athletics for seasons to come. Now that's a pretty strong statement; but it's certainly possible.

The importance of recruiting cannot be stressed enough. And that's one of the reasons why this weekend could go down as one of the most important in some time.

Observers can start to see that Georgia is racking up in state talent like never before in all sports.

Dennis Felton's huge win over Kentucky notwithstanding, the new basketball coach appears to be lining up in state recruits the same way the his comrade Mark Richt is doing for the football program.

Georgia's basketball program has always been a sleeping giant. SEC coaches will fear Georgia in a few seasons if Felton can continue to stockpile Peach State talent.

And while men's basketball and football always get the most attention from the media and fans the state of other programs in the Athletic Department that proves that Georgia is one of the best overall athletic programs in the country.

Women's basketball is a top 15 program and a birth in the NCAA tournament seems like a certainty each season for Andy Landers and company. Both golf programs at Georgia are ranked in the top 7 in the country and both have a legit crack at winning the national title. Swimming & Diving are close to the top of the national rankings too (#7 and #2 respectively) and national titles seem in range.

Both tennis programs are gearing up for their umpteenth SEC championships and runs at their own national titles. Gymnastics may have dropped a close one to UCLA this weekend but they too are national title contenders.

The scary part about Georgia's athletics program is that it's not even clicking on full cylinders. There been unnecessary stress thrown on the program because of the Michael AdamsVince Dooley saga.

What happens when this program starts getting every recruit that it wants in state? We may soon find out.

Georgia Tech's athletics are not on the same level as Georgia's on the whole, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for the likes of Auburn, Florida, and Clemson to grab Georgians to play for them.

The state of Georgia is loaded with athletes and a university with the facilities and reputation that Georgia has should be a force for years to come. Not just in football either. In all sports.

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