Destination Known

<b>Eric McLendon</b> is the #1 College Prospect in the State of Georgia this season. It has been assumed that he would continue his career on the next level at a prep school or junior college, and he will get that start today.

Eric McLendon is the Number One prospect in the state of Georgia this year.

"He is leaving for Reedley Junior College (Located in Calfornia) at 5:00 today," said Vidalia Head Coach Sid Fritts. "We've looked at best ways we think we can get him playing the fastest in college. This all started because we has been trying to place his brother Brandon since he left Georgia Military. He got out there about a week ago, and they asked about Eric after that."

"They have a great support system and will give Eric the type of supervised attention he might not get at another junior college."

Leaving for Reedley this semester is a good move for McLendon's career. Since he is getting up there this semester, if he takes care of his academics at Reedley, he can leave there after only having played one full season (2004) and still enroll at a division one college as a sophomore.

McLendon's division one career may be put on hold for a year, but he has taken the first step towards making an appearance at the Division One level with his enrollment at Reedley.

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