Three in the Hunt for Florida Safety

Fort Lauderdale safety <b>Anthony Reddick</b> took a trip to check out the Hurricanes of Miami this weekend. He also hosted three coaches from one of his favorites last night. How do things stand now?

"My trip to Miami went great. It give it a 9. It was about the same as Georgia," Anthony Reddick said.

What could have pushed the trip to a 10 in Anthony's mind?

"Well, we just spent a lot of time touring the school and we had to wake up early and all that," Anthony said laughing.

Is Reddick still headed to Florida State this upcoming weekend?

"I'm not gonna visit FSU. They stopped showing interest in me. I haven't talked to them in about a month."

The Dawgs of Georgia stopped by for an in-home visit with Anthony on Tuesday evening. What did they have to say?

"Georgia was here earlier tonight. They brought Coach Richt, Coach Martinez, and Coach Van Gorder. They were telling me about the school, about playing time, and how important I was to their team. It was a good visit. My parents and I enjoyed it."

Who's next on in-home visit slate?

"Coach Coker and Coach Shannon from Miami are coming by my house too. I will make decision after I get a chance to visit with them. My top 3 is Miami, Georgia, and Ohio State. I'm not ready to name a leader."

The Canes have been thought of as the favorite for Anthony Reddick since the beginning, but the Dawgs and Buckeyes have given him a lot to think about. Will it be enough to pull the standout safety from the Sunshine State? 

We should all find out next week.

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