Dawgpost Subscribers . Here is a re-cap of the action."> Dawgpost Subscribers . Here is a re-cap of the action.">

Interactive Chat Re-Cap with Georgia Commitment

<b>Kenneth Harris</b> dropped by the Dawgpost for a chat with the <a href="https://secure.theinsiders.com/store/view.aspx?s=135&p=6">Dawgpost Subscribers</a> . Here is a re-cap of the action.

The format for the chat was as follows:
Kenneth Harris was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of TheInsiders.com. Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Harris. Harris then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

BigDawg21:: Kenneth how what is your height and weight as of right now?
Kenneth Harris:: 6'4 198lbs

AppleCityDawg:: Can you play as a freshman?
Kenneth Harris:: They say they'd give a chance to play as a freshman

op803:: what # does he want to wear?
Kenneth Harris:: I wanna wear #7 if possible

RecruiterDawg:: Kenneth, what do you feel you have to improve to be a dominant receiver at the next level?
Kenneth Harris:: I think my ability to block is what I need to improve on

AlDog:: When does Kenneth plan on moving to Athens?
Kenneth Harris:: I believe I'm moving down in July and enrolling in summer school

OriginalSavannahDawg:: Ask Kenneth what college or pro FB WR he thinks his game is most like right now?
Kenneth Harris:: People say I play like Randy Moss

dawgsfan3:: kenneth what was your best 40 time
Kenneth Harris:: My best 40 time is a 4.5

AppleCityDawg:: Who was your host on your visit?
Kenneth Harris:: Fred Gibson was my host. We were real cool.  Nice to hang with

shawbones:: what he thinks about CMR ...and the offense w/ qb talent
Kenneth Harris:: Oh man, I love Coach Richt, and the offense is great passing wise

FredGoDeep:: Did he and Fred play any bball while he was here and if so who won?
Kenneth Harris:: me and Fred didn't play any basketball.  We'll get out there sooner or later

GaPitCrew2:: Is he also planning to play BB at UGA?
Kenneth Harris:: I'm not planning on playing bball right now.  I could change my mind

bdaball24:: What was the one thing that made you decide on UGA?
Kenneth Harris:: I think GA is a great place and it was the feeling I got.  I love the campus and the atmosphere

GneissDawg:: What is your best deep pattern.  What have you scored the most with?
Kenneth Harris:: Deep post.  I like that pattern the most

BigDawg21:: Kenneth what team do you want to beat the most while you are at UGA?
Kenneth Harris:: Florida.  That's just the team I want to beat, I don't know what it is about them

BigDawg21:: Kenneth will you take anymore visits or are you finished?
Kenneth Harris:: I'm finished.  I'm done.  I'm happy with my decision

dawgsfan3:: did Kenneth make any uga games this yr and get to see the dawg walk
Kenneth Harris:: Yeah I went through the Dawgwalk at the AU game.  Oh man, first time I'd ever done something like that.  It was good, really good

GneissDawg:: Were you double covered a  lot in HS?
Kenneth Harris:: Oh yeah.  I got double and triple coverage every game.  I got used to it

FredGoDeep:: Was there any local pressure to stay in state?
Kenneth Harris:: Umm, Not really.  People told me to stay in state, but it wasn't too much pressure

RecruiterDawg:: did UGA giving you your first major Football offer influence your decision any?
Kenneth Harris:: Yeah.  GA offering me first kind of influenced me.  It was a major factor

shawbones:: ask him what his best attribute is
Kenneth Harris:: I think my ability to make people miss after the catch and get up field..

NVaDawg:: Why did he change his mind about playing FB rather than BB?
Kenneth Harris:: I think I have a better chance in football.  I'm more comfortable with football

shawbones:: what size shoe???
Kenneth Harris:: I wear a 13 shoe

shawbones:: bench press?
Kenneth Harris:: I haven't benched in a while.  It was 240lbs last time

bdaball24:: Did you think the lockerooms were nice?
Kenneth Harris:: Oh yeah, the lockerooms are real nice.  One of the best I've seen

shawbones:: does he like going over middle
Kenneth Harris:: I like going over the middle.  I ain't got no problem with it

Uga4Life:: What's in the CD player right now??
Kenneth Harris:: I think Jay-Z new album is in there.  The black album

cordeledog1:: Does Kenneth think he compares favorably to Fred Gibson Physically ?
Kenneth Harris:: Me and Fred are a lot of like.  I think I weigh a bit more than him

thedogfather:: Did you like any place in Athens particularly well?
Kenneth Harris:: Um, just the town of Athens in general.  No particular place

pater15:: Does he know how tough the SEC is?
Kenneth Harris:: I understand how tough the SEC is.  There's really no way to prepare, just getting mentally ready

bdaball24:: Are you looking forward to playing for a national championship next year?
Kenneth Harris:: I'm really looking forward to playing for the national title.  Preseason #3

RecruiterDawg:: Are you looking forward to mat drills?
Kenneth Harris:: ugghh... I ain't got no way around mat drills

shawbones:: how are your hands
Kenneth Harris:: My hands are pretty good.  Good hand eye coordination.  Watch the ball in.  If I know I'm getting hit, I still go get the ball

AppleCityDawg:: Beyonce or J-Lo?
Kenneth Harris:: oooo Gotta be J-Lo

GaPitCrew2:: Has UGA talked with you about a workout program?
Kenneth Harris:: Not yet.  I'm gonna get me a workout program so I can start at home

shawbones:: can he touch top of square
Kenneth Harris:: I've never tried, to touch the top of the square

FredGoDeep:: What was his impression of Calvin Johnson
Kenneth Harris:: I thought Calvin was a good guy.  I got along with him well. 

thedogfather:: Do you like video games? XBOX? PS2?
Kenneth Harris:: I do a little bit.  Video games ain't something I can sit around and play all day

bdaball24:: Who you'd want to room with?
Kenneth Harris:: I don't know who I'll room with

cordeledog1:: Who is your favorite NFL player & why ?
Kenneth Harris:: It would have to be Randy Moss.  I like the way he goes up and gets the ball

shawbones:: how does it feel to be going to a program on the rise with a recruiting class like this one is shaping up to be?
Kenneth Harris:: It feels great.  I feel we can come in and help win the national championship next year

thedogfather:: From the beginning did you know you were going to be a dawg?
Kenneth Harris:: umm, After my official visit I pretty much knew it was GA

PumpkintownDawg:: what did he think about the new dorms
Kenneth Harris:: The new dorms are great.  We didn't go to go inside but we saw pictures.  I like them

BigDawg21:: Kenneth what is your favorite food?
Kenneth Harris:: I like steak. Well-Done

dawgsfan3:: is Kenneth laid back or intense
Kenneth Harris:: On the field I'm intense.  When I get on that field, I'm ready to play.  Off the field, I'm laid back

NVaDawg:: Did he enjoy the recruiting process
Kenneth Harris:: I enjoyed recruiting.  I got a little tired of it at the end

shawbones:: which helps more your speed or your height and vertical
Kenneth Harris:: My height and vertical.  I have ok speed, but my size is the best thing

RecruiterDawg:: Are you looking to add muscle weight in the offseason?
Kenneth Harris:: Oh yeah.  That's the big thing.  I need to get bigger before I get to GA

bdaball24:: Are you telling all your friends how great UGA is?
Kenneth Harris:: Oh yeah. I'm telling all my friends about it.  I got some that want to come stay with me already

thedogfather:: Were the women better at UGA or NCSU?
Kenneth Harris:: Georgia.  The girls at GA were a little more outgoing

NVaDawg:: Are other schools still calling
Kenneth Harris:: Virginia still wanted me to come up, but I told them my mind was made up.  They would be wasting my time and their time

dawgsfan3:: what was your impression of coach richt
Kenneth Harris:: Coach Richt is a nice guy.  I got to talk to him on my official visit.  Down to earth, someone I can get along with.  I know he likes to work hard, and he expects a lot

bdaball24:: Does your family really like Athens and UGA, and CMR?
Kenneth Harris:: My mom loves it.  She never told me what to do, but when I committed, she told me that was her choice

BigDawg21:: What places did you eat at on your visit to UGA?
Kenneth Harris:: They took us to the Sky Club at the stadium on Saturday.  I wasn't there on Friday night

NVaDawg:: Who first contacted you from GA
Kenneth Harris:: Coach Bobo first contacted me.  He was getting to know me, telling me they were going to recruit me and they really needed WR's
bdaball24:: What do you think about the stadium expansion, and playing in front of a crowd like that?
Kenneth Harris:: Oh man, that's going be one of the biggest things I'm going into.  92,000 that's a lot of people

bdaball24:: did he think it was a nice gesture to send an airplane to pick him up?
Kenneth Harris:: Oh yeah.  The airplane showed me how much they wanted to get me

PumpkintownDawg:: Tell him he is the best fb player for Cherryville since Charley Choo Choo Justice
Kenneth Harris:: Choo Choo lived in Ashville

JeffJohn:: what was the deciding factor(s) between nc st. and uga
Kenneth Harris:: It was just the feeling.  I felt most comfortable in my heart in Athens

bdaball24:: Was he thinking about the plane ride before the bball game? And how much fun you were going to have?
Kenneth Harris:: I was focused on the game.  We didn't even have a game though because it got snowed out.  I had to drive down Saturday morning

shawbones:: does he consider himself a gamebreaker who can go all the way and make plays in the open field or more of a possesion wr
Kenneth Harris:: I think I can take it all the way when I get my hands on it

Kenneth Harris:: I'm ready to come down there, and you better be rooting for me.  Go Dawgs!

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