Inconsistent Dawgs head to Baton Rouge

Georgia is trying to recover from a disappointing start to the SEC season; but its not going so well right now.

Their turn around project leads them to Baton Rouge Wednesday night where the LSU Tigers await. Georgia is 1-4 in the SEC but has played the league's top four teams (South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi State) already.

"We've got to get ready for a team that's a lot like us," said Georgia's Dennis Felton. But LSU is not quite as inconsistent as Georgia; they are 2-3 in the league.

Georgia's inconsistent nature this season has been a sore spot for many Georgia fans. Felton says that he is struggling with the ups and downs of the season as well.

"We're still not exactly where we want to be. We're not playing with the consistency we'd like to," he said.

Felton's Dawgs have beaten Georgia Tech and Kentucky, both top five teams at the time, and have lost by more than 20 several times this season. Yet Felton stays up beat.

"We're holding up because we're being sensitive to taking care of (the freshmen) and the energy level. That in itself has an impact on our habits and our performance," Felton said.

The inconsistent play of Georgia's freshmen is the number one reason that Georgia has not been able to put together two consistent performances in SEC play.

LSU's John Brady still thinks that Georgia is a dangerous team be they inconsistent or not.

"The thing you can say about them is that they won at Rupp Arena when nobody else has," Brady said.

Georgia's win at Rupp is the team's only conference win of the season thus far.

"They're in need of a win," said Felton of LSU.

So is Georgia.

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