Georgia DT Makes a Final Decision

<b>Michael Brown</b> had been having a hard time making a final decision between Georgia and Florida after taking an official visit to Gainesville this weekend, but he has now made a final decision.

"I'm committing to Florida," said Michael Brown. "I really just like the players and the atmosphere there. I can see myself there for four or five years. I had a lot of love for both schools, but I thought that Florida would be the best school for me."

"Both Georgia and Florida are good schools. When I went to Georgia, I felt it there, but when I went to Florida, something hit me and it was like 'Wow'. I really like the players at both schools, but I felt that I just fit in better with the players at Florida. You're going to have to compete wherever you go, so I just wanted to make sure I picked a place where I felt I fit in the best."

Georgia and Florida both gave it their best shots this week with both recruiting coordinators being the primary recruiter for Brown. Coach Garner for Georgia and Coach Loxley for Florida. Georgia had an in-home visit with Brown on Sunday, and Florida came in on Monday.

"I'm not taking any more official visits, and I don't have any more in homes scheduled. I'm done."

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