Around the Stegesaurus: The Arkansas game

ATHENS - If nothing else was clear against Arkansas Saturday night it was that Damien Wilkins came to play.

He was looking to score and was attacking the offensive boards with new vigor. His first half performance was the best that I have seen from him in some time. He tallied 14 points and 5 rebounds. Dennis Felton did not take him out of the game during the first half. Wilkins left the game for good in the second half it was to a standing ovation and deservedly so; he finished with a season high 26 points.

"We were just trying to execute," said the humble Wilkins. It was his best performance of the season.

Georgia started the game, as usual, with impressive defensive effort. The difference between this game and the rest of the SEC games that Georgia has played is that they found ways to score in the first half; therefore they did not take a deficit into the locker room at the half.

Arkansas seemed discombobulated and confused at times with simple things like cleanly catching a pass. The Hogs are young and are not consistent with their play. Georgia took advantage of that last night.

Rashad Wright is too experienced and poised to get involved in the shenanigans that the Arkansas point guards were trying to hook him into. Wright, Georgia's leading scorer this season is one of the leaders in the SEC in minuets played per game.

Georgia's 40 point explosion in the first half is the most points that the Dawgs have scored in SEC play this season. They have only scored more than 40 points during the first half in two other games this season.

I can't say that Arkansas played better at the start of the second half but they did play with more intensity. Arkansas players were clearing out Georgia defenders that were close to them by throwing elbows across their body and in some cases into Georgia players' faces.

The aggressive Razorback style got under Chris Daniels skin. After dodging an elbow from Matt Jones (Arkansas quarterback) Daniels pushed Jones. It went unnoticed. On the next possession Daniels forced a foul by driving to the basket. After the play Daniels tossed the ball at the Hog player. It was an event that Daniels would like to forget. At that point in the game, however, Daniels was delivering a flawless effort with 16 points and nearly 10 rebounds. He did not score after the technical foul was called on him.

Speaking of Matt Jones, the quarterback was given a hard time by the Stegosaurus crowd. He heard chants of "Hair Club!' all night long.

This game was the best effort that Georgia has shown at home since their wins over Georgia Tech and Kentucky. All cylinders were clicking because of Wilkins' scoring effort. He was creating a lot of space off of the dribble and that forced Arkansas to jump all over him. When he was getting all of the attention other Georgia players were able to get their offense going.

Jonas Hayes had a quiet game and appeared with a knee wrap around his left knee for the first time this season in the Stegosaurus.

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