Interactive Chat-Recap with Georgia Signee

Daytona signee Kelin Johnson was relatively unknown to Georgia fans before he decided to commit to the Dawgs a few weeks before signing day. On Thursday night, Johnson came by the Dawgpost to introduce himself to the Dawgnation, and talk about his future between the hedges.

The format for the chat was as follows: Jognson was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Kelin. Johnson then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format:

RyanJordan:: I've got Kelin on the line, and were ready for questions....

AlDog:: What did you like best about UGA during the recruiting process?
Kelin Johnson:: Organization. How much class the players and coaches had. That's what I liked. It was an energy.

RecruiterDawg:: Could we get your measurements? height, weight, etc.?
Kelin Johnson:: 6'2 181lbs 4.55

shawbones:: how much ya bench?
Kelin Johnson:: I benched at the beginning of football season and it was 295lbs

DawgNeil:: Did you ever ask Coach Richt about playing QB?
Kelin Johnson:: I think my father mentioned QB, but he just wanted Coach Richt's opinion. I know I got it in me if they need it

ScenicCityDawg:: Which assistant coach impressed you the most?
Kelin Johnson:: I got to say Coach Rucker. Even though he recruits my area, he's just a good man. I never met anyone like that. He looks you in the eye, and he's a church going guy

RecruiterDawg:: I've picked you as the impact player of this class next year Kelin, you gonna hold me to it?
Kelin Johnson:: Im gonna hold you to it RecruiterDawg!

ScenicCityDawg:: What other schools did you consider that offered you a ship?
Kelin Johnson:: Troy State, Southern Mississippi, South Florida, Penn State, Iowa, and Oklahoma State

RecruiterDawg:: What did you like most about the university of Georgia?
Kelin Johnson:: Ah man... What I liked most was the organization like I said. Playing in the SEC, being #5 in the country. I could have played right away at Troy, but I know I can compete at this level

DawgNeil:: Did you encounter a lot of "negative" recruiting?
Kelin Johnson:: Really I hadn't. No one really talked down the other. One school told me "I worked on you for 6 months and you let this team like Georgia come in the picture..." Thats the only thing I remember

rockit5386:: Do you feel that you were overlooked by other schools in the recruiting process?
Kelin Johnson:: I think I was overlooked. The only reason is my position change and my school change. It all worked out though

RecruiterDawg:: do you plan on coming in the summer or wait until fall?
Kelin Johnson:: Im coming in the summer. I'll be there the day after Independence Day

shawbones:: are you excited about competing for a mnc at uga, and being a part of a great defense?
Kelin Johnson:: Man, Im so excited. Im trying to get 3 titles, so coming in with a very big chance of winning a national championship, Im just so excited. i didnt know a thing about hard work until I transferred to Mainland, but I had to earn my respect. A top notch program teach you hard work

chardog:: What NFL player to you like the most and you feel like you try to emulate on the field?
Kelin Johnson:: Darrell Fuller from the Vikings and the Bucs. He graduated from UM, and he's my uncle. I look up to him. He's my inspiration

DAWGWILD2:: When do you take the SAT again??
Kelin Johnson:: I take the SAT this month. The very next one. I took the ACT last Saturday.

shawbones:: Who's the best receiver you have played against?
Kelin Johnson:: The best receiver I would say was a guy named Cameron Colvin from De La Salle in a camp Kelin Johnson:: The best guy in a game was Kenny Ingram who went to FSU and another guy from Fletcher that signed with UF

DawgNeil:: Kelin, since I am from Baton Rouge...and you visited the place for the LSU camp....didn't you think the city was as dirty and depressing as I usually do?
Kelin Johnson:: I flew into Louisiana, I didnt go to an LSU camp

rockit5386:: What part of your game do feel needs the most work?
Kelin Johnson:: Ah man...I'd probably say one on one coverage. I stayed back a lot at Safety

shawbones:: What does he think about playing for BVG and following a guy like Sean Jones and playing on a great defense?
Kelin Johnson:: Oh man, it's an honor. BVG was coach of the year, and I know how big that is. From talking with him he knows what he's talking about and his priorities are straight.

bdaball24:: kelvin are you going to the Daytona 500 this weekend?
Kelin Johnson:: No Im not going to the race. I work in a hat store at the mall, and its a big week with the race

FreeGhost03:: Are you going to play FS or Rover?
Kelin Johnson:: He wants me at rover

RecruiterDawg:: What do you think about playing in front of 92,000 people?
Kelin Johnson:: man, it's a dream come true, but it's a blessing. Not everybody can play between the hedges. I cant wait to see 92000 plus. I can just imagine the people filling those seats.

shawbones:: Some people were skeptical about your speed due to the bad time you posted at the nike camp...can you put that to rest?
Kelin Johnson:: At the Nike camp, I was so used to playing QB. I wasn't working on my 40 and agility. I just did my feet work and stuff. I went to FSU camp and ran a 4.55, then I followed it up with a 4.58 at the South Florida camp

DawgNeil:: Kelin, would you ever considering go to the NFL early?
Kelin Johnson:: Yeah of course. It's everyone's dream to be in the NFL if you could go early. I need all the learning I can get though

bdaball24:: Kelin, how do guys at your hs view you going to UGA?
Kelin Johnson:: The only time you hear about UGA down here is the Cocktail party. When people heard I signed, they all came up and congratulated me and said I was going to a good program.

shawbones:: How do you like coming to a city like Athens?
Kelin Johnson:: It's wonderful. You think you're in the country, then up blossoms a big ole city! I love Athens, and I still haven't seen the whole thing yet

rockit5386:: What are your expectations for how soon you get playing time?
Kelin Johnson:: My expectations at this level is just to work hard and that's true no matter what program your at. I want that heart and desire and if I can play, I know they have a spot available

shawbones:: Have you talked to any uga football recruits?
Kelin Johnson:: I haven't spoken to any other signees.....

654dawg:: What has better chicks, Bike Week or the 500?
Kelin Johnson:: The 500 (laughing) AlDog:: What CD is in your player right now?
Kelin Johnson:: Ahh, some ole school Usher... I got Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, Avant and thats it. I'm an R&B guy. I'm a lover you know?

GSBdawg:: What is your vertical?
Kelin Johnson:: Aw man, I think it's a 43 shawbones:: fav team..did he follow uga at all?
Kelin Johnson:: My fav team growing up, you know the Cowboys! Everyone liked them

mcadawg:: What player's game are you most like- Sean Jones or Thomas Davis?
Kelin Johnson:: I think Im like Sean Jones to be truthfully

RyanJordan:: What would you like to tell all the Georgia fans to close?
Kelin Johnson:: Just tell them my word is my bond.. You never have to worry about me quitting on a play. Tell them I'm happy to be a dawg!

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