Spring Battle ground: Center

Depth is not an issue at center for Georgia. However, there may be some concerns at other areas of the offensive line regarding injuries and that could effect who is the back up center.

Nick Jones and Russ Tanner shared the starting duties last season but they could be moved to make way for Randall Swoopes. Swoopes returns from Georgia Military and will likely be the starter after the spring. That will allow Georgia to move Jones and Tanner so that they can be used at the guards.

But the position is actually Jones' to lose. He was the starter for the Capital One Bowl and seemed to be the only player that did not have to shuffle around to another position during the game.

Tanner was moved to tight guard before the bowl game but that was because Bartley Miller was hurt. Michael Turner was redshirted after being moved to the center spot in 2003. In 2002 he played tight end but was used mostly on special teams. He will not factor in the race for the starting center spot.

Georgia's offensive line is diverse because they were forced to move around so much in 2003 due to injuries and lack of depth. But in 2004 center is probably one of the deepest positions for Georgia. The Bulldogs have three SEC-starting caliber centers on scholarship right now. They only need one to get the ball to Greene.

Goals: Decide quickly on if Swoopes, Jones, or Tanner will be the starter and then move a backup to another spot on the line.

Dean's depth chart after G-Day:


Starter: Randall Swoopes

Backup: Nick Jones

3: Russ Tanner

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