This week is crucial for the SEC and Georgia.

Some teams seem to be surging, while others appear to be slipping away. This weekend, the SEC East will race most likely narrow itself from a three team race to a two team showdown while the SEC West continues to spin out of control.

Watching Michigan lose at Michigan State on Saturday night made me realize now more than ever that conferences depend on their big name teams as cash cows. Michigan is to the Big Ten what Florida is the SEC. Both conferences need their top schools to win the conference in order to secure a financial payday.

Michigan might now win its conference now, and that hurts the Big Ten's revenue. Why? Because now two Big Ten schools can't get into the BCS, and more importantly, the Big Ten wont be playing the Rose Bowl for the first time in ages.

In order for Florida to win the SEC they have to get past South Carolina. The SEC office is holding its breath, praying for the Gators to win. Why? Its all about the dollars.

It is very simple really, South Carolina just does not draw a TV audience the way that Florida does. Also, the SEC would then be in jeopardy of sending the Cocks to play in the SEC Championship game. That would be a disaster for the conference.

Carolina is not gearing up for a national title run the way that Florida still is. One slip up by Miami and the Gators are going to be headed to California to play for it all, you can't say the same about the Cocks.

While Tennessee and Florida, and the rest of the SEC East are surging to the finish line, the SEC West and its ring leaders are confused as to who should win their side of the conference.

Auburn and Ole Miss are leading the West, but both are struggling to get to the finish line. Ole Miss struggled for seven overtimes but just could not get past Arkansas. Auburn lost its last game to Arkansas by more than a million (well not that much but it was a lot) and needed overtime to beat Louisiana Tech.

Does anyone want to win the West?

Arkansas wants to, but they dug such a big whole for themselves at the beginning of the season that it will be had to get it done in the end. If Arkansas wins out and they get a little help from Georgia, they will be the SEC West representative come December.

Meanwhile Georgia is at a crossroads again. For the last two seasons, Georgia has played poorly to end its season. The Dawgs have a chance to win their final four games, but they need to set the tone this week against Auburn. The Dawgs have a lot to play for the rest of this season, and a win against Auburn will be a step in the right direction.

The last time that Auburn came to Athens, they slammed the Dawgs in the first half on the way to yet another win in Sanford. Georgia cannot allow Auburn to win this Saturday; too much momentum is riding on this game. Georgia needs to make a statement against Auburn, just like they did in 1998.

After their first loss this season, Georgia ripped off four wins in a row. That is just what the Dawgs need now.

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