Georgia Press Conference Quotes

Read these selected quotes from Tuesday's press conference with Coach <b>Mark Richt</b> and a few Georgia players. Audio clip included.


Listen to press conference audio clip.

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt:

Opening Remarks:
"We have had an open date just as Auburn has, trying to get people healthy and we did get people healthy but in the meantime we also got some people hurt. We found out Monday (defensive tackle) Bruce Adrine is out with a torn ACL, and the guy who plays the same position (Josh) Mallard is probably out for this ballgame with an MCL sprain. We don't know how serious but it does not look too promising for Saturday, and so that really hurts us.

"Auburn, from what I see on their defense is that they are extremely talented. They are a little bit young in some positions, but they are very talented. They run extremely well. If you turn on the tape of the Florida game you can get pretty scared because they played extremely hard that day and you could see what they are capable of. They have a chance to be a tremendous defensive football team.

"Offensively, they have moved the ball very well. They are a little bit like us in that they have missed some opportunities for more points. They probably should have more points than they do considering how well they have moved the ball. The one thing that they have that probably no one else in the nation has is (kicker/punter) Damon Duval, who has already won a couple of games for them with some last-minute field goals, but he is also one of the best punters in the nation right now. They are probably top three or four in the nation in net punting. And then he knocks just about every kickoff out of the endzone.

"They are a very good football team. They are No. 1 in the SEC West and they should be based on the way they have played so far and so it is going to be a great challenge for us."

On facing former Georgia quarterback Daniel Cobb:
"I know emotionally it will probably mean something to him the fact he was here for a couple of years. I could see where they might want to give him the first crack at it."

On the amount of time running back Musa Smith will play:
"Musa is not 100 percent healthy. He is practicing and doing the best he can, but he is not full speed. By the end of the week we will find out, but I think he will play. I think he is getting better, but whether he will start or not I do not know. I don't know if he will ever be 100 percent (this season). I think he can play full speed for awhile and then it fatigues on him and then he is done. He thinks he feels at least as good as he did before Vanderbilt and he had a pretty good ballgame until he just ran out of gas. More than likely we will use him as much as we can early on. When it fatigues on him and he doesn't feel he can be effective anymore then he will be out of the game."

On why the Auburn defense is forcing a lot of turnovers:
"They are hitting really hard. They are playing a lot of zone. It is a typical zone coverage team where if a receiver gets the ball underneath the zones and you've got linebackers and safeties coming up and laying the wood to him then they are knocking the ball out. They are physical tacklers against the run. I think it is just how hard they hit."


David Greene, QB

On the Auburn game:
"I'm treating it like any other game. It's a big one for us. It's a huge game for them. Coming off a loss, it's a big game for us."

They're (Auburn) a great team. They play hard together. They have great athletes. The biggest thing is we have to execute."

"I feel like I'm learning a little more every week. I feel like I'm picking things up well."

Verron Haynes, FB

"Expectations were not met (against Florida). That's behind us. We just have to take it one game at a time."

"I'm just blessed to have had the opportunity to play with such a great coach. I'm sad I only had one year. The direction that the program is headed is sensational. Coach Richt is taking us onto the right path."

Curt McGill, C

"It seems that the last couple of years, Georgia slips off in the end. Coach Richt talked to us last week to make sure we don't do that. This game (Auburn) is a big game for us."

"Last year the game (versus Auburn) went into overtime. It will come down to the fourth quarter and which line pushes which line around."

"We've got to go out and maintain drives. They have a lot to play for and so do we."

Terreal Bierria, FS

"It's a real big game for both teams. We both had off weeks. It's going to be a fun game. Their offense is really good. The thing is that they're balanced. We don't know to expect more run or more pass."

"We always look for turnovers. We want big hits and big plays."

On the loss of Bruce Adrine and Josh Mallard:
"We're going to have to play hard at every position. There's not too much depth. The young players have to step up."

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