Dawgs need this Auburn game

Too often in the past few seasons Georgia has slumped at the end of the year. Now is the time to turn that trend around.

Auburn, Ole Miss, and the Tech.

Georgia's end of the season is not the easiest thing in the world. But in the past two seasons it seems that the Dawgs have to tried sleepwalk through the final and most important part of their schedule.

Perhaps "poor" is not the proper word to describe how bad Georgia has played against Auburn, Ole Miss, and Tech recently. I think that unmotivated is a better word. Indeed the Dawgs have been lethargic the last two seasons against the final three on their schedule.

I whole-heartedly believe the reason for the unmotivated play was Jim Donnan. I know that a lot of folks are ready to move on and to forget what happened with him, but you can't, not yet at least.

Last season against Tech and Ole Miss, Donnan's team was asleep at the beginning of the game. Against Ole Miss it took half time and Musa Smith to wake Georgia up. The Dawgs never woke up against Tech.

Against Auburn last season, Georgia was doing well thanks to the defense. With a quick lead, Jim Donnan decided to start running the option with Cory Phillips and it failed miserably. Phillips is not an option quarterback; he is a thrower. Donnan could not recognize that for some reason and it cost the Dawgs the game and probably cost Donnan his job, thank god.

Ronnie Brown leaps for yardage
Auburn's Ronnie Brown leaps over Ole Miss tacklers (AUTigers.com)

With Donnan as coach Georgia was unmotivated and not ready to play. There are no better examples of that than the 1999 Auburn game and the 2000 Tech game. I have never seen Georgia looked so unprepared in my life.

In 1999, Auburn, a team that had a losing record mind you, came into Sanford and ambushed the Dawgs. It seemed like the football was a foreign object to Georgia and that adjustments were something that Jim Donnan and his staff did not know how to do.

The 1999 Auburn game was pitiful. To me, it was the best example of what Georgia had become under Donnan. A group of unmotivated "super-recruits" that had not managed a big win in what seemed like forever.

Georgia Tech started out on fire against Georgia in 2000. I can't explain the reason why, but there was a feeling in the stadium that Georgia was "supposed" to beat Tech because the Dawgs has been robbed the season before. It does not work like that. After falling 17 point behind, the Dawgs stood no chance.

Once again, Donnan's inability to motive the team to win its first Senior game since 1996 cost the Dawgs. Think of it this way, in 5 senior day games Donnan was 1-4. And that is pathetic.

My hope this season is that this team and coaching staff has learned from the mistakes of the past.

There is something to be concerned about with all three of Georgia's big opponents that remain.

Auburn has beaten Georgia the last two seasons, and the Tigers are more than capable of making it three in a row if the Dawgs aren't careful.

Although Georgia has not lost to Ole Miss since 1996, the Rebels seem to have corrected their fear of being in the Top 25 and are trying to make a run for the SEC West title.

And Tech is a matter that I feel I can discuss later. After all, if you can't get up for your archrival you probably don't have a pulse.

Yards After Catch A Key This Week
Kelly Campbell scores for Tech (DaSting.com)

Intensity is needed for every second of the game against these final three opponents, and even Houston.

Will the Dawgs decide to turn "it" on before the game and leave "it" on for the whole game rather than trying to turn "it" on during the game? Whatever "it" is, the Dawgs need it for these three games.

Mark Richt has done a great job of getting "it" started. Now he and the Dawgs must "finish the drill" against opponents. In order to finish the drill the Dawgs must get "it" going and not stop it until well after the Houston game. 

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