Around the Dome: Georgia beats Auburn

News and Notes from today's opening round game between Georgia and the Auburn Tigers.

Georgia looked as strong today as they have in the last few weeks of their stretch run. The Bulldogs got a huge effort from Levi Stukes even though he appeared to be too tired at times.

Winded and bent over, the freshman still came up big whenever he got the ball in the open court. He pretty much nailed any open jumper that came his way.

Auburn players were commenting on how strong Jonas Hayes was in the paint. One player said, "You can't move him. He's too strong."

Another player commented that Hayes was a strong rebounded: "He cleans that glass hard."

Auburn assistant coaches were in their players faces at the start of the game. Georgia went on an 11-0 run to start the game. Several times during the first half Auburn coach

The crowd was fuller than I expected for the opening game of the SEC Tournament. I would say that it might have helped that Georgia was playing but the Bulldog crowd was insignificant. They will surely be outnumbered tomorrow.

Some of Georgia's fears were realized in terms of Auburn's big man play. Marco Killingsworth had a huge day in the paint.

Nothing went Auburn's way in the 2nd half. At one point and Auburn player got a rebound while sitting on the ground. When he tried to pass it down the court for a lay up his pass went too long, resulting in a turnover.

A late game break away dunk by Chris Daniels gave the Georgia faithful in attendance something to yell about. The crowd was relatively quiet during the game because of the margin in scoring between the two teams.

Vince Dooley congratulated Jarvis Hayes, brother telling him that Georgia after the game by saying that the Bulldogs "are doing very, very well."

The Bulldogs looked as good as they have in the last few weeks.

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