Georgia Linebacker Names Slight Leader

<b>Dan Foster</b> is one of the best linebacker prospects in the south for the Class of 2005. He names an early Top 5 and a slight leader.

"My top 5 is Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee, Clemson, and North Carolina State," Dan Foster said.

Who holds the preliminary lead?

"The Dawgs are coming on strong, but the Noles got 'em by a little bit. FSU is a lot closer to home for me, while Georgia is like a 5 hour drive."

Foster is cousins with former Seminole standout, Tae Cody.

"I'm real close with Tae. He told me FSU is just a great life experience, and that you'll always play with great players. He said nice stuff about it."

If things potentially don't work out with the prospects of pro football down the road, Dan already has a plan laid out in front of him.

"I'd like to major in criminal justice and get a job in law enforcement. I've always wanted to be a cop since I can remember. I had some uncles who where police officers, and I really grew up into it."

I pity the first poor suspect who tries to outrun the cop with 4.4 speed. He wouldn't stand a chance when you take into consideration that Foster already chases running backs and quarterbacks for a living on every Friday night. If you do happen to make the mistake of fleeing, just do yourself a big favor and lay down once he catches you, because a 600lb squat and a 320lb bench says that you haven't a prayer of wrestling your way out of this one. If there ever was a player out there more deserving of the term "Robo Cop," I'd sure love to see him.

Foster is currently rehabbing a broken tibia and fibula that he suffered in September while getting a couple of carries as a tailback. He should be full speed by this summer, and I wouldn't expect to see him anywhere other than LB in 2004.

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