Dawgs out: Felton disappointed

ATHENS - Georgia didn't get into the NCAA Tournament and will now await its fate with the NIT.

"We are disappointed but we never thought that it was a sure thing," said head coach Dennis Felton. "It could have gone either way. I am certain that we were in the mix and we were seriously considered. I thought that it was maybe a 50/50 that we could go either way."

Georgia did not make the NCAA Tournament last season because the school put self-imposed sanctions due to a scandal surrounding the program. Still, Felton was disappointed with the selection committee's decision.

"I don't pretend to know what that process is like when they are in that room making those considerations," he said.

"The thing that I am lost on is the mix signals," Felton continued. "Some of the teams that got in had great records but they didn't play anybody. They gave a lot of credit for winning games. That's different from what the NCAA has been saying. They have been saying that you have to beat teams of worth."

Felton also expressed disappointment that more SEC schools didn't get in.

"I am disappointed and surprised that the SEC didn't put more than 6 teams (in the NCAA). The SEC and ACC are the best conferences; it's not even close," Felton said. Both conferences got only six teams in the NCAAs.

But the most disappointment that Felton had was for the four seniors on the team.

"Their reaction was quiet disappointment," he said. "I am most disappointed for our seniors because they get no more chances. I told the players: "Don't think that this diminishes what we have accomplished this year."

Georgia will likely participate in the NIT tournament. Those selections are pending.

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