Pro Day player run down

ATHENS - The University of Georgia has always had more than it's share of NFL players. With the recent rise in the program under the watch of Mark Richt on the field, and Dave Van Halanger in the weight room, the attraction of the NFL to the Dawgs has become even stronger.

The University of Georgia has always had more than it's share of NFL players. With the recent rise in the program under the watch of Mark Richt on the field, and Dave Van Halanger in the weight room, the attraction of the NFL to the Dawgs has become even stronger. was in attendance for UGA's pro day March 18, along with representatives from almost every NFL team, including some with more than one. The Cleveland Browns had both former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Dave Campo, and their current head coach, Butch Davis, on hand to see the 15 physical specimens working out.

S-Sean Jones—Jones is probably going to be the first UGA player to be selected in April's draft. The departing junior measured in over 6', 215 pounds, with arms 32 5/8", and a 9 and ¾ hand. He chose not to broad jump, letting his 10'4 mark from the combine stand. He benched 225 pounds 16 times. He also looked very quick in speed and agility drills.

TE-Ben Watson—If Jones isn't the first isn't the first Bulldog off the board, then Watson will be. The man is a physical marvel. His 6'3, 255 pound frame benches more than most lineman (he elected not to lift today, standing by his 34 at the combine), and also runs faster than most "skill" players. There isn't anyone more suited to the meat market that is the NFL draft than Ben Watson.

DE-Robert Geathers, Jr—Geathers surprised quite a few in his decision to leave Athens early, but scouts aren't questioning it right now. Measuring in a shade over 6'3 and 270 pounds, Junior posted a best broad jump of 9'7&1/2". He let his combine bench of 24 reps stand. He had lots of trouble keeping his footing in agility drills though, which caused his time to come in slow. Still, for someone who will be in a team's preseason camp before his 21st birthday, Geathers has a man's body, and it may not even be done growing yet. Scary stuff, and his physique, along with his age, probably will have him being the third Bulldog taken in the draft.

CB-Bruce Thornton—"Thump" also had a good day in front of the scouts. He put up the fewest bench reps on the day, 13, but measured in over 5'10, 197 pounds. His strong showing in the speed/agility drills, which is the most important thing for a DB, should help him be selected on draft day in April.

S-Kentrell Curry—Due to missing his senior season because of a leg injury, Curry is probably the most difficult UGA player to evaluate for the up coming draft. He's been a standout defender, but with a year off of the game, may be a bit rusty when he returns. He stuck with the 17 bench reps he put up at the combine, and had the best broad jump on the day at 10'9&1/2". He measured in at 6'&7/8", and an even 200 pounds. He will likely be selected, but where?

DB-Kenny Bailey—Bailey is unlikely to get drafted, but he may well get invited to a camp with an opportunity to make someone's roster as a special teamer. With cousin Champ in attendance, the latest Bailey to come through Athens measured in at touch over 5'10, 190 pounds, pushed up 225 15 times, and broadhjumped 10'1&1/2".

K-Billy Bennet—not likely to be chosen, but the SEC's all time leading scorer wil almost assuredly be in someone's camp come fall. He measured in a shade under 5'8, and 167 pounds.

TE-Robert Brannon—was another impressive physical figure for the scouts to look at. He measured an even 6'3, and 249, and benched 225 28 times. He is unlikely to get selected, but has a strong chance to make a camp with his physical measurements.

WR-Damien Gary—the Athens native is another Dawg who may not go in the draft, but is very likely to make a camp. The 5'9&1/2", 194 pound WR/Punt returner did not have a strong showing.

WR-Michael Johnson—the big receiver measured in over 6'2, and 227 pounds. He broad jumped 9'9". He was also among several who had some trouble with their footing in the shuttle run, which may hinder his chances to get drafted.

P-Jonathon Kilgo—Kilgo, who graduated last year, was among the former players on hand to show their skills for the scouts today. He measured in over 6'1, 216 pounds, and had a good enough showing that he can be expected to be participating in someone's camp this summer.

TE-Jeff Lyons—the walk-on measured over 6'1, 227 pounds, he did decently, but is doubtful to get a chance on the next level.

OT-Kareem Marshall—the massive Marshall was the second of three former Dawgs going through the paces for the scouts. He measured in over 6'4, and 336 pounds. He broad jumped 8'3", and benched 225 22 times, with what looked like a few more in him. He showed decent agility, and may make someone's camp over the summer.

RB-Jasper Sanks—the oft-maligned former Dawg continues to work hard at progressing his football career. He measured in just under 6', 225 pounds, and broad jumped 9'10&1/2". He looked to be in very good shape, and showed good speed/agility. It's a shame that Jasper is in this condition now that he's long since used up his eligibility.

DT-Ken Veal—Big "Pooh" measured in over 6'1, and 301 pounds. He pushed up the most bench reps, 31, but did not participate in any of the speed or agility drills, and that will assuredly hurt his stock in the eyes of the scouts.

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