News and Notes: Bryant moves to WR

ATHENS – Georgia scrimmaged Saturday at Sanford Stadium in front of a crowd of a couple dozen parents and a couple hundred interested recruits.

Schools like Wheeler, Peach County, Decatur and others had multiple players at the event. The prep stars were escorted to the sky suites where they enjoyed lunch while taking in all of the practice.

News and Notes:

With the running back war put on hold for a short time Danny Ware got plenty of reps as the number two running back. He is wearing number 28 in practice, which can be very confusing considering that Kregg Lumpkin used to wear that number as well.

Speaking of Lumpkin, it really seems like he is locking down the number one running back spot. With Tyson Browning moving, and then getting injured this spring, as well as Tony Milton missing all of spring and Michael Cooper missing practice again today, it looks more and more like Lumpkin is the number one back.

He is getting used to catching the ball out of the backfield but the true test for him will be quarterback protection.

One set of parents that were in attendance today were the Greenes, David's parents. Everyone has made a big deal of David and his buddy David Pollack losing weight before this spring's practices began but it looks like David's father is losing weight as well. When I said that to him he told me: "You're my new best friend." Nonetheless, he and his son may have made a pact to lose a few extra pounds in the wintertime.

Tyson Browning is about sick of missing practice and said that it is killing him that he can not practice. One manager joked with Browning when the now self-dubbed "athlete" walked over to watch the running back do a passing drill: "Go back with you receiver buddies Tyson."

Leaving the stadium today before the scrimmage started the media was able to see a play or two. Leaving the stadium I felt really nervous for the offense. It is hard to belive that the offense that Georgia has right now, with players scarred in green jerseys along the sideline, could match up at all with the defense.

The defense was letting the offense know that it was coning, too. You could hear the scream of the defensive players from a long, long way away before the first snap.

Special teams seems to be another spot on the team were there could be a little competition. It seems that Gordon Ely-Kelso has locked down the number one spot at punter, I am not sure if that position was really ever up for grabs or not. However, punt return most certainly is.

Sean Bailey, Mikey Henderson, and Tim Jennings all took punts but Henderson looked the best with his returns. Bailey fumbled one kick and Jennings was never really given a good ball too return. Tyson Browning also stands to compete for that job in the fall.

D.J. Shockley and Greene rotated their snaps with different centers today before the scrimmage started. Nick Jones and Russ Tanner rotated at first and second team center during quarterback receiver drills.

The "opportunity" to move positions during the spring might not always been what a player wants but sometimes it turns out for the best. It appears that may have happed for a young Georgia Bulldog this spring.

A. J. Bryant moved to wide receiver and is getting a lot of attention as a result. The freshman might be on the other end of passes from now on if he can get a few of the nuances down.

One of the things that Bryant seems to be struggling with is getting off of the line of scrimmage. He played quarterback while at Peach County and does not have a lot of experience in that department. He aslo to me today that he had not caught a pass since his 9th grade season.

Mike Bobo, Reggie Brown, John Eason were all trying to help Bryant before Saturday's scrimmage in terms of some of the small things that he needs to do to get ready at the receiver spot. Brown, who is hurt and not participating in practice right now, has spent the most time with him thus far.

Even head coach Mark Richt visited with Bryant today to see how he was doing at receiver.

The Bulldogs need bodies at wide receiver this spring but even with Fred Gibson, Brown, and others including Tyson Browning out right now there is also a log jam at quarterback for at least the next two years. Bryant was happy with the move. MORE TO COME>>>

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