Scrimmage News and Notes: Thomas Davis shines

ATHENS – Media was made to leave before the start of the scrimmage but Mark Richt filled the press in on the happenings of the day.

The Georgia number one offense had a competitive showing today against the number one defense. Many of the number one offense's players are out due to injury; but the following still occurred:

The number one offense looked like it had scored when it moved the ball down the field on the number one defense but Thomas Davis stepped up big to block Brandon Coutu's field goal attempt.

The number two offense scored on the number two defense in all of the goal line drills between the two units. The number one offense scored only one touchdown on the day and was rejected on 4 straight fourth and goal situational drills.

Kregg Lumpkin had a good day running the ball according to Richt but Thomas Davis spoiled the offense's good time again by running Lumpkin down before he scored a touchdown. "Thomas really turned on the jets," said Richt.

Paul Oliver and Thomas Flowers both had interceptions but Oliver's stopped a scoring attempt by the offense.

Danny Ware looked particularly good and is inching his way closer to the number two spot at running back. But Richt said that he is most impressed by Ware's ability in goal line situations.

"He had some tremendous goal line runs. He made a very impressive showing for himself today," said Richt. He also added that it is "hard to compare Ware and Cooper," because Cooper has missed time due to migraine headaches.

Sean Bailey returned to action with a big catch on a particular third down situation and Brian McClendon "made a nice catch in traffic from David Greene," said Richt.

Today's scrimmage confirmed that DeMario Minter is ahead of all of the other players at his position. "He is ahead of all of the other cornerbacks He made a big hit at the goal line," said Richt.

But the highlight of the day was the play of Odell Thurman. "Oh, I almost forgot," said Richt. "Odell made a bone jarring hit at the goal line on Lumpkin. It got the whole place going."

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