Big Fullback Taking in Practice

<b>Jerrell Mabry</b> is one of the top fullbacks in the state of Georgia for the class of '05. He began to make his Spring time rounds this weekend with a trip over to Georgia. Mabry updates his Top 5 with a leader.

"It was real good. I enjoyed myself," Jerrell Mabry said.

What was the best part of the unofficial visit?

"When me and my dad got to talk to Coach Richt in his office, and he told me that he liked my film. We also watched the scrimmage and it was getting pretty intense towards the end when they almost got into a fight. The defense had stopped the offense 4 or 5 times, and I think they were frustrated."

Despite the good trip to Athens, Mabry still has a different school atop his list.

"My top 5 is Georgia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, and Oklahoma State. Georgia Tech is the leader because I really like their location and academics. I also believe I could go in and play early there."

Shaw High School has been a force in AAAA for many years, but due to reclassification they will drop down to AAA next season. Things won't be easy however with powerhouses LaGrange and Troup in their region, and Mabry knows it.

"I really want to play LaGrange. I heard they have those 2 LB's Tray Blackmon, and I can't remember the other (Travis Hart). I want to see for myself."

The Grangers and Raiders do battle in the 4th game of the year and with the linebackers and fullbacks making so much contact during the course of a contest, Mabry should get a bunch of chances to look at those LHS 'backers up close and personal.

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