More Offers, New Leaders?

<b>Tray Blackmon</b> is a front runner for 1st Team All-America by He is a lock for All-South. He has been picking up more offers this spring, and he updates his Top 5 with two leaders.

Future All-South LB Tray Blackmon has picked up a couple of new offers, and a couple of new leaders.

"I've got offers from Georgia, Auburn, Florida State and Kentucky right now. My top 5 is Kentucky, Auburn, Georgia, Florida State, and Tennessee," Tray Blackmon said.

Who's out front early?

"Auburn or Kentucky is my leader. They're the only 2 schools I've visited so far."

What does Tray like about the other schools on his list?

Georgia: "A couple of players from LaGrange like Bruce Thornton have went up there. They've got a good team."
Florida St: "It's a good school. I think I can make it down there."
Tennessee: "I've always liked Tennessee. They're my favorite team."

Blackmon is one of the best players I've ever seen at guessing the snap count at the line of scrimmage. Is that something he works at?

"I usually watch the other teams film and figure out when they like to snap the ball. I get called offsides a couple times, but usually I get it right."

When you see Tray's film, you'd swear that he plays at a different speed than everybody else. Tray has recognized that himself.

"No one is faster than me during the game. It seems like I get an extra boost when game time comes."

Blackmon will attend the Auburn passing camp this summer with his team.

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