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Read selected quotes from Coach Richt's press conference on Tuesday. He discusses Georgia's preparations for Ole Miss. A link to the audio is included.

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Georgia head football coach Mark Richt:

On Georgia's upcoming opponent, Ole Miss:
"I have had a chance to see their offense a good bit. (Ole Miss) just executes extremely well. I am not supposed to be envious, but I am envious of how they are executing offensively because they are doing the little things right that are getting them in the endzone. They are one of the best in the red zone in touchdown production. They have only attempted four field goals all year long. They are scoring a lot of points and that is because they are getting touchdowns in the red zone. That is one thing we have not done a good job with at all. One of the reasons (for so many touchdowns in the redzone) is (quarterback Eli) Manning and how he is playing. He has 23 touchdowns and only two interceptions. It is very difficult to sack him, maybe not because he is so elusive, but because he is smart. He knows when to cut the ball loose and who to cut the ball loose to.

"They are very solid on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, they are a whole lot better than you think. I know they have had some trouble against the rush, but they have also had trouble because some of their opponents have run some option football against them and their quarterbacks have been the extra man in the running game. I was impressed with Arkansas' corners, but I think these (Ole Miss) guys might be better. Both are senior corners that can really lock you down and allow your defense get some help in the running game. We have our work cut out for us."

On drawing things off tape from teams the Ole Miss had trouble with:
"One of the first things I did was look at a lot of the successful passing (over 15 yards) plays against them, at least half of those was someone scrambling and buying some times. The big plays were coming off an athletic quarterback who might be able to scramble long enough to make a play. In the running game, the young Arkansas quarterback was the difference in that ball game. There is no doubt about it."

On establishing Georgia's running game:
"It's been tough. It has been tough to find THE back. It has been a revolving door. The most reliable running back we have in this program right now is Verron Haynes. He has not played a lot of tailback for us. He has played some one-back for us, but I don1t know if he is an I-back. Musa (Smith) is just not 100 percent. Jasper (Sanks) has had his bright moments here and again. (Kenny) Bailey has had his troubles and we have tried to get (Mike) Gilliam in there a little bit, but he is not ready to carry the load in a big ball game like this. Our biggest problem is the inconsistency at the tailback position itself. The blocking has been good. We need a guy to break a tackle and make a guy miss, and just have not had that. Because (David) Greene is not a true threat to run the football, it is hard to get an advantage by running the option or running the quarterback a lot."

On the mood of the team:
"I was really down (after Saturday's loss). This game has been tougher for me to shake off maybe more that any game I have been involved in. A lot of it had to do with the decision at the end that did not put the team in a good position to win. I felt a whole lot better after last night's practice because those guys had a great attitude. They were running around at full speed and doing a great job. They did a great job attitude-wise and effort-wise. It seems like their spirits are good. The seniors want to continue to lead and make sure everyone perseveres these last few weeks. The players have shaken it off better than I have. After last night, it helped me to see these guys' attitude. It lifted my spirits."

On Terrence Edwards:
"Terrence (Edwards) is in the starting position again. It is not that LaBrone (Mitchell) played poorly, but Terrence played really well again. He was actually the down-field blocker of the week. He did the best job of the receivers blocking. That is the kind of thing we want to bring out of him. He has worked very hard to be a complete football player and he deserve to start. We are working LaBrone more at other positions across the board.

On using the no-huddle offense:
"We are not ready to say we are not going to use it. The bottom line is if you are executing or not. If we are executing, then let1s go play ball. If we are not, then we might have to slow the game down and make sure we are not putting too much burden on the defense."

On being healthy:
"(Josh) Mallard is back. He practiced yesterday, and we will see how he holds up today and tomorrow and see if he is 100 percent. If he is 100 percent, then the coaches will have to make a call."

On how do Peyton and Eli Manning compare:
"I think they are very similar body style and the fundaments. They were taught the same fundamentals. They look a lot a like in their style. They are a lot alike in my opinion."


Quarterback David Greene

"Obviously we are coming off two hard losses and so it is going to be really important for us to play well this week. We need a win badly right now and so we need to make sure we have a good week of practice and concentrate hard on Ole Miss to get back on track."

"(Ole Miss has) really good cornerbacks and safeties. They are big guys and they play really hard together and they are fast. They have faith that they can cover the receivers one on one and so we are going to have to make plays on them."

"Right now we are concentrating on Ole Miss. We are trying to not look ahead and just concentrate on what we have to do to beat Ole Miss."

Split End Terrence Edwards
"Everybody knows we still have a lot to play for. We are not bowl eligible yet, and so we still have to play for a bowl. Every one still wants to play for a bowl game in Florida, whether it's the Outback Bowl or Citrus Bowl. We want to play somewhere warm."

"(Ole Miss) has tough cornerbacks, a blitzing defense where you never know where they are coming from. We just have to go in and execute our gameplan. We have to be able to run the ball to set up the pass."

"It just boils down to the coaches coaching and the players playing. The coaches are putting us in a place where we can make the plays and the players just have to execute the play that is called. Every game that we have lost we had a chance to win the game. We are just not doing the little things to win the game."

"We are going to go out there focused and ready to play. We need a win under our belts. We are not going to go out there and change anything. We are just going to go in and play and hope to execute better on third down and in the red zone."

Defensive End Charles Grant

On last week's loss to Auburn:
"If you are a competitor and you like to win then it is hard because you never like to lose. It was a tough loss, but we got better and that's all we can do. We can't sit around and feel sorry for each other because we have to get ready for Ole Miss."

On his four-sack performance last week:
"To me it was a nice game, but I feel like I need to do more to help my team be successful. Again this week I am challenging my manhood and for the rest of this season to help this team be successful."

On why the defensive line had success getting pressure against Auburn:
"We just went out there and played and wanted to help the team be successful because we knew that we had lost two good players in Bruce Adrine and Josh Mallard. We just wanted to pick up the slack to help this team and so we just took our game to another notch."

On the key matchup this week:
"Their offensive line against our defensive line and who wants it more. (That is) the bottom line."

"It is going to be a big test for us. We have to get some pressure on Eli (Manning). If he gets into a good rhythm then they can put a lot of points on the board. Plus their head coach now used to be the offensive coordinator at Tennessee and he's got a great plan and has beaten Georgia before and so we just have to prepare extra hard for them."

Defensive Tackle Ken Veal

"Ole Miss has an offense similar to Auburn and so it is going to be a really tough game."

"We had pretty good success against Auburn. Hopefully we can get the same amount of pressure this week. I think we will stick with the same game plan."

"The thing about it is we lost two tough games. We have to keep each other up. Even though we lost I think we realize that we still have some big goals to accomplish and so I think we will be OK."

Defensive Tackle David Pollack

On Eli Manning:
"He is just like his brother. He is the real deal. He has a lot of touchdown passes and very few interceptions and we have to get pressure on him and force him to make bad decisions."

"They can run the ball too. When you have a quarterback like Eli it lets you run the ball better. He is very efficient but you have to get after him. If we don't get pressure on him and he has all day to throw the ball then it could be a bad game (for us)."

On last week's loss to Auburn:
"It is always tough. But that is the nature, either you are going to win or you are going to lose. We are a real young team and we have a new system and we are still learning and so it can only get better from here."

"I don't think anyone has lost their focus. We lost a tough game that we could have won and now everybody knows that we need to win out, get better and just keep working. If we win the rest of our games then we still have a better record than we did last year."

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