Practice News and Notes: 04 13 2004

ATHENS – With G-Day less than a week away, the Georgia Bulldogs continued spring workouts in the rain and cold. Here are some news and notes:

With the suspension of Jeremy Thomas it appears that two inexperienced players, Des Williams and Brannan Southerland, will be the fullback rotation for the Bulldogs' first two games. Southerland was a redshirt candidate for 2004 but now he likely will play his first season in Athens.

Mark Richt also mentioned Danny Ware and Jemario Smith as possible candidates for the fullback position but quickly dismissed that for the 2004 season because both players are trying out other positions (Ware at tailback; Smith at linebacker).

"If Des got hurt we could be in some real trouble," said Richt.

In other spring news:

"Today was the last really tough day," said Richt of this spring's practice. "G-Day will be 4 quarters of 8 minutes. There will be no kickoffs or kickoff returns. We will punt the ball but there will be no punt returns. Also, we could have some crossover for the two teams on the defensive line."

"They are going to get out there and play," said Richt. "But the quarterbacks won't get hit."

G-Day will finish in a different way this year than in the past. The winner of the game will still get a steak and lobster meal on Sunday but this year everyone on the team will receive their SEC East and Citrus Bowl Championship rings after the game.

"We didn't want to give them the rings before the game… what would they do with them during the game?" said Richt.

The G-Day roster will be finalized and released at some time tomorrow.

Richt's quick hitters:

On Albert Hollis: I am very proud of him. Right now he still has a ways to go to overcome the other running backs. But for him to want to come back is tremendous.

On Kregg Lumpkin: He is your starting running back.

On Tony Milton: A healthy Tony Milton is going to be playing for us.

On walk-on running back Jason Johnson: He's a tough guy. He is a fireball. I don't even know how he got here. We call him Chi-town. He's not scared of anything.

On ESPN's feature on Georgia: It came out pretty good. Sometimes you are concerned about things that you say under your breath but I think that it turned out pretty good.

On next season's schedule: I am not looking forward to it.

On Gerald Anderson: He struggled early in his career; it came slower for him. He is in shape and strong and is tough.

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