Red wins Lobster and Steak

ATHENS – Georgia concluded its annual spring practices with its G-Day game at Sanford Stadium. More than 25,134 attended the game which benefited the Fellowships of Christian Athletes and Safe Campuses now.

The Red team, led by Fred Gibson, exploded for three touchdowns to take a 21-0 win. The Red team will get a steak and lobster dinner as a result of their efforts.


The first half was uneventful with the exception of a fight between Daniel Inman and Will Thompson. The two got together near the end of the game as well.

"That is about what happens whenever you get into full pads," said Mark Richt. "It usually is Inman and someone. I asked his Dad if he was that way when he played and he said, ‘Yes. I thought that I was competing."

No player nailed down the place kicking or punt return jobs according to Richt.

Two of the three quarterbacks, David Greene and Blake Barnes played well. Greene completed 11 passes on 13 attempts with 2 touchdowns. He mainly threw screens but did throw one ball deep to Fred Gibson. Barnes did not miss in the 1st half going 4 for 4 including a pass to A.J. Bryant. Joe Tereshinski III struggled but was forced to play against the number one defense; not an easy task.


Fred Gibson had the best day of all offensive players but dropped a deep ball after Greg Blue leveled him. Gibson did score on a 46-yard bomb from Tommy Wilson. Gibson's touchdown was the first score of the game. The other receivers did not get as much attention.

Quentin Moses got a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks today and Richt was pleased with that: "He is playing hard. He does more than just rush the passer. Not playing basketball really helped him."

Running Backs highlight the day:

Kregg Lumpkin looked good and cemented his hold on the number one tailback spot. He has gotten used to catching the screens out of the backfield and taking on blitzing players. Danny Ware also looked good. As a matter of fact he was brave enough to take on Odell Thurman several times and that means that he is either brave or stupid.

Chicago's Jason Johnson got a lot of work during the game and he was about as good as Mark Richt advertised. He was winning to stick his head in there and get quite a bit of carries. In fact, he was the leading rusher for the whit team with 7 carries for 36 yards. He had a long run of 27 yards.

Mark Richt's Quick Hitters:

On Blake Barnes: "He should be getting ready for prom but I saw him do a lot of good things today."

On Albert Hollis' return: "I knew that he would get a standing ovation. At Bulldog Clubs someone always asks about him."

On Martrez Minler: I think that the Tight Ends improved this spring. Milner is a little ahead of Pope right now."

On Trehern Holden: "He is blocking the best of the Tight Ends."

On Danny Ware: "He has proved that he has a lot of potential."

On David Greene's reaction to Tommy Wilson's touchdown bomb to Fred Gibson: "I think that Greene got shook up. It got him going (laughing).


Tony Taylor (Knee) - "We won't know for sure but (the Sports Medicine staff) is not concerned"

Max Jean-Gilles (ankle) - "He has a high ankle sprain. That's about it"

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