Baldwin on In-State Prospects

<p>Prep Spotlight&#8217;s <strong>Vince Baldwin</strong> recently gave GBW an update on some of the in-state underclassmen and how they&#8217;ve been performing. He discusses <strong>Jerret Smith</strong>, <strong>Ramar Smith</strong>, <strong>Eric Devendorf</strong>, and more!</p>

On Deshawn Sims:

“Deshawn Sims had his local coming out party last weekend at the Motown Jamfest. He literally dominated some of the games in the 16-and-under division. His play last weekend elevated him to the #2 player in that class (the in-state class of 06). Michigan, Michigan State, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Indiana, Illinois have all contacted me about him. I don’t think he officially has any scholarship offers at this point, but I think that he will.”

On Ramar Smith:

“Ramar became a legend last weekend. He was NEVER better. He dominated the Mustangs and beat them by himself because the Family only had six players for that game. Against the Hurricanes the Family was down by eight points late in the game when he went to the bench, poured Gatorade over his whole body and told the coach, ‘we ain’t losing this game!’ Then he proceeded to steal the ball and hit a three, stole the ball again and came down to make a lay-up, and then came down and hit a 30-foot three to send the game into overtime! In OT he scored 4 of the 8 points that won the game. The three schools that he talks about the most right now are Michigan, Michigan State, and Indiana.”

On James Dews:

“James Dews is one of the Elite Shooters in the country. He’s a 6-2 shooting guard from Lakota High School in Ohio and he’s one of the purest shooters in the Midwest. You could consider him a black J.J. Redick. I know his list has Ohio State, Cincinnati, Michigan, Louisville, and Kentucky.”

On Jerret Smith’s struggles thus far in the AAU season:

“I think Jerret hasn’t played up to his own expectations and he has struggled at times. I think it has more to do with his level of confidence than his physical skills. I think that Jerret has all of the physical skill in the world. I think what happened is Jerret tried to play up (in division) too early. You try to blend in with Joe, Malik, and Ronnie for two years and defer them, and it never allows you to have YOUR swagger. I think that Jerret has to regain his swagger to get his game back to an elite level. Sometimes it’s better to stay with your age group where you dominate.”

On Eric Devendorf:

“Eric Devendorf is now listing Michigan as one of his schools. He was phenomenal last weekend. He was another guy that was never better. In the championship round his 32-point performance probably gave him the edge as the number one play in that class…even ahead of my boy Chris Douglas-Roberts. I think that Chris is a much better prospect, but until Chris does it as often as Devendorf does, I have to give Eric the slight nod…or maybe a tie (laughing).”

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