Touching base: Charles Johnson

Rated as one of the top players in all of the state of Georgia, Charles Johnson might be the newcomer to watch in 2004. Sure A.J. Bryant is getting a lot of attention because of his move from quarterback, but it's Johnson that could have the most people talking in August.

"I can't wait to get there and play football at another level. I don't know what it will feel like running out there for the first time," Charles Johnson said.

He said that us was not a difficult decision to go to Georgia considering the way that the program is headed.

"I wanted to stay in state and I liked the way that (Mark Richt) recruited. I like they way that they are coming up," he said. "I think that they are going to win a national championship."

Meanwhile, Johnson seems to already be preoccupied with some things that his fellow Bulldogs also love.

"I still play the Playstation 2," said Johnson.

He should fit in well with his colleagues in Athens; the PS2 seems to be a mandatory item in all dorm rooms at McWhorter Hall. "I like Madden. I just like playing that game," he added.

Johnson could be one of the heavy hitters on Madden in a few years. But he says that he is not ready to make that jump yet.

"I think that I have a lot to learn," he said. "But I am a quick learner."

Charles Johnson's Quick Hitters:

On his favorite TV Show Punked: "I like watching it because of the way that he messes folks up. When he got Andre 3000 (from the Atlanta-based group Outcast) they messed his car up; and you know the way people get when they mess your car up."

On his favorite boyhood team: "I used to really like Nebraska. I was a big Nebraska fan."

On if his cousin, Brandon Perry, is a "slam dunk" for Georgia: "I don't know… I don't know. I can't tell. A lot of schools have been paying attention to him: USC, Nebraska, and all of them. There's not telling what he is going to do."

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