Real time basketball with Legge and the Dawgs

Join former college basketball player Dean Legge during many of the Georgia games this year with his haltime and post game real-time reactions from the games.

Dawgs win tip off. First thoughts are that Georgia looks really small in comparison to the Hoyas. Just as I say that the Hoyas get an easy lay up due mainly to height. Dawgs get scrappy rebound for first two points of the night. If the Dawgs can use Jarvis Hayes and his hustle they can get loose ball rebounds.

Dawgs take a charge, defense looks decent here early. Wright had to and did hit an open three. Fast break, Dawgs clearly are going to use the high post, low post seems pointless against Hoyas, they are far too big.

Press is going to be the way that the Dawgs are going to attack Georgetown defensively. Dawgs are getting some easy shots near the basket, Gtown looking poor on defense. Another Gtown turnover because of press. Another Gtown turnover, three traveling violations from Hoyas, defense looks strong.

16:48 seconds and a nice past to the athletic Hayes. Man he looks solid. Ezra with a very nice pass.

Short corner entry will lead to points against Hoyas. But Dawgs need to stop the easy lay ups for Hoyas. Dawgs are scrappy but small.

Another ally-hoop. This time the reverse, Williams benefits from nice pass near the rim.

When you are small you can not allow cutters in the lane, Dawgs just did 2 points Hoyas. Now patience from Dawgs on offense. Missed shot but Dawgs had two guys on weakside board, looking decent.

I would like to see Rashad Wright finish on that lay up even if he is fouled. Hoyas are getting too close to the basket on these cuts.

Hayes looks for real, and so does this press. Dawgs are much faster than Hoyas and will be faster than most this season. Wright's free throws must improve from last season, but not better yet, so far 2 for 4.

Nice defense, don't let them cut. Hoyas just huge, Hayes is tough, he has to be pre season All SEC with this performance. No time out yet, and we are almost 8 minuets into the game. Dawgs seem scrappy when I think back during this last break.

Hoyas just bigger on the boards which means that Dawgs need to find the Hoyas and stick a body on them on these rebounds. Hoyas getting too many offensive boards.

First break, TV timeout.

Nice rebound out of the break. Dawgs are forcing turnovers. 6 to 3 right now, another TV break.

Dawgs using good defense twice but are now turning it over too much themselves. I would be willing to foul the Hoyas if I were Harrick, they really don't look like they can shoot. But then against they can rebound some. Dawgs need more rebounds.

Now on offense, the first sloppy pass of the night from the Dawgs. We can enter the ball into the low post?

Dawgs know that the Hoyas can not shoot, stuff the paint. Speer earns Dawgs two more points. Hoyas can not shoot from the outside for anything. If the Dawgs box out well, they are going to win this game.

Hayes gets a blow for the first time, Dawgs miss shot and Hoyas get the ball back, the kid from N. Georgia is getting after it with the hustle. Dawgs need to capitalize on the Hoya lackluster effort thus far.

Dawgs are out hustling Hoyas, but need to make it pay off, they could be up by 13 or so, but now Hoyas are rotating ball better on offense. Ezra forces one.

Bad pass almost cost Dawgs possession. Break.

We have reached the 8 minute break. Thoughts: Dawgs look pretty scrappy, they seem willing to scramble for the ball. They will have to in order to win this season.

Rebounding will be an issue all season, block out on that weakside and get it done. Well over half of rebounds come off on the weakside. Other than that, I have few criticisms, just keep moving that ball on offense.

Ball in play. Hayes back in. Now Dawgs are pressured full court and turn it over, come on guys. Dawgs need to get it across the floor, this is Georgetown, they are slow.

Come on finish that lay up. Dawgs get two points in the end, but Wright needs to finish those to be dangerous. Ezra walks, tried to get the foul on Hoyas and then shuffles feet. Now Hoyas are getting hot.

Dawgs are not moving on offense. Just standing, taking jumpers, that is not going to get it done. Hoyas are now getting the ball right at the rim. Dawgs need to get some pep in the step.

Dawgs have 11 offensive rebounds, nice hustle, but need more mow. Move some, Dawgs are standing and turning it over. Dawgs don't like pressure. Just dribble near mid court and rotate it back and get it across.

Hoyas on an 8-0 run. Now Dawgs moving some, but settling for tough shot. Need some defense now. Hoyas for three, now up three. Dawgs need to find Hayes, instead they turn it over.

Break: Dawgs looking sloppy now. Press is hurting them. One good way to stop the press is to stop the other team from scoring, they cant press off of a miss.

Out of break, Dawgs with nice defense, and really nice transition points. Dawgs with nice board. Now Hoyas seem to want to hustle some. Wow circus shot on that last transition shot.

I don't like the one handed pass, at all. Now Dawgs are getting abused on defense. Daniels gets burned on nice Hoya move. Gosh, hoys cant shoot free throws.

Coles getting in deep, allows for easy lay up by Daniel. Dawgs could use that this season, drive, penetrate, and dish.

1:59 in half to go, Dawgs are down by one point. They can win like this, but need to quit turning it over and play better defense around the rim, perhaps double that big kic from Gtown.

Again, Dawgs need to move some when their teammate is stuck in the corner. Hoyas are looking to trap now too. Missed the ally hoop. Turnover.

Good defense, until the deep penetration, someone needs to step up and stop the Gtown guards from penetrating. Now another steal, but Dawgs foul and make Hoyas shoot free throws, which is an adventure with Gtown. Hoyas make two and are up 5 now.

Wow long 3 from Cole. Dawgs down 2

Turnover, Dawgs and Ezra ties it up at 32. Nice composed jumped off of the break, I like when Ezra takes that shot, he can nail it.

Dawgs are tied at 32. nice effort, Dawgs need to pull this one out.


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