Real time reactions, Dawgs beat Georgetown

Dawgs win, read Legge's comments in real time about the game. <p> Georgia 73 <p> #15 Georgetown 59

Going into second half, Dawgs need to cut down on turnovers, and make Gtown earn their points inside.

Most hustle out of the gate, I like it, and now Dawgs get yet another charge on Gtown.

Dawgs only shooting 36%, get that near 40 or 45% and Dawgs will win for sure. Dawgs are more patient now, another two scrappy boards and Dawgs get the foul and will get some shots. Position is crucial in rebounding and it pays off with Ezra three. Gtown timeout.

The fact that Georgia is getting all of the loose balls on offense means that they will have the opportunity to make something out of them in terms of getting easy lay-ups, fouls, or free throws. Georgia MUST shoot better free throws this season. Again Dawgs can win this game, it would really help come early March.

Back from break; Hayes leads Dawgs with 12 points right now. Good defense leads to another Gtown turnover. Dawgs get no call foul, bad no call. Hold onto that ball with two hands Dawgs. Nice entry into the high key and it leads to two points.

Tie game after Gtown scored. Another high post entry leads to easy shot and miss but finally two easy points. Dawgs are relentless on offensive board. This is ridiculous on the part of Georgetown, giving up 13 offensive rebounds to Dawgs. Georgia clearly outmatched in size. WOW nice ally hoop, time for Dawgs to make a run. Dawgs did nice job breaking press.

Hoyas knock down free throws and then press, and almost get a turnover. Break.

Dawgs get ball out of the break and they are up by a few. Again, if Georgia can continue to out-hustle Hoyas, they are going to win this game going away. I like the pace of the game, it is low scoring, yet fast paced, which is really kind of strange.

Dawgs need free throws down the stretch. Will they hit them? Will Ezra, Hayes, and Wright hit them?

Another high post entry leads to nice ball movement and great lay up. But Dawgs asleep with help on defense with help on the blocks.

Turnover, Daniels does not finish, gets ball knocked out of bounds. Wright with another one handed pass, I hate it. Hayes with the three though.

Gtown penetrated too much and hustles for two. High post entry leads to another Gtown foul. Gtown in a 2-3 zone. Dawgs work it to Ezra and he missed but Dawgs with ANOTHER offensive rebound, outstanding. Dawgs are ruling the weakside boards.

Dawgs up 5 after free throws. Gtown can not shoot 3s for nothing, Dawgs will be staying in this zone all night with Hoya shooting. Another offensive board leads to a 3. Wow, Dawgs simply out hustling Hoyas to an 8 point lead.

16 massive offensive rebounds for Dawgs to Georgetown's three and Dawgs are also shooting 50% from 3-land.

Good defense on Sweetney, Hoyas are confused, but they get the charge on Dawgs. Georgia will continue to stay in the 2-3 until Hoyas can shoot. And they just cant.

Another offensive board, Dawgs get two more point, lead is at 10. And suddenly Sweetney get the ball and get fouled, yet cannot make both. Break.

Dawgs should stay in the 2-3 until Hoyas start lighting it up from outside, and they wont. Hoyas need to penetrate and create their own points from dishing to their big kids inside. Dawgs are really playing this game at their tempo.

Now a press from Georgetown. Ok first forced shot of the half from Dawgs, Hoyas score on transition. Move Dawgs. Rebound knocked out, ball to Georgia. Dawgs need to make Hoyas move on defense, this will tire them on offense. Offensive board will help.

Dawgs need to calm down and move some. Missed shot, and Dawgs once again in better position than Hoyas. Georgetown needs to watch this film in regards to watching Dawgs block out

Now Dawgs getting cold, they need to drive and try to get easy shots with penetration. Will they? Sweetney back in now. Nice defense and turnover, stupid shot but Gtown, Dawgs rebound. Hoyas are 1-13 from 3-land. Pathetic. Stay in that 2-3 zone forever against Hoyas. Dawgs have nearly 40 rebounds and then another. Daniels fouls, he has four now.

Dawgs are just plain out hustling, good hustling and penetration, I like Coles. Sweetney finally gets it in there. Dawgs now up 7 and there is a break.

Dawgs should continue to, and they will, swamp this Sweetney kid, he is a monster. Wright just love to use one hand, it will kill the Dawgs one day. Turnover, now Hoyas have their chance, Dawgs up 5 but Hoyas are at the line looking to make it 3.

Nope, missed the first and Braswell nails the second and Dawgs are up 4 with 6:48 to go in this game. Break.

It would be nice to see Dawgs get patient on offense and make a few easy shots. I am not certain if this team knows how to finish a team like Georgetown off or not, we shall see in the next few minutes. I like the high post entry, it was working earlier.

Dawgs inbound the ball and press from Hoyas. Get it to Hayes. High entry post and Dawgs travel. Shooting self in foot, too many turnovers. Wright gets nice turnover and then turns it over himself, I would have liked to see him pull that one out. Too many turnovers. 20

No Hoyas with offensive board. Too much hustle by Dawgs they get the turnover. Now working the ball. And get a nice shot from up close. Hayes looks good. Dawgs are making Sweetney work for points. Hayes is too big for Hoyas' guards. Sweetney make both

Get it to Hayes. Ezra make a nice drive and gets the foul called putting that Gtown guard in foul trouble with four. Ezra missed but gets offensive board and a DUNK for Daniels.

Wright finishes, NICE. Wright filled the lane the correct way and Ezra looked really good with the pass, nice bounce pass and great finish by Wright. Dawgs need to continue to play with this type of defense and they are in great shape. Dawgs need to finish this thing out. Another Georgia steal Ezra pulls it out NICE.

But I don't like the 3 point shot by Ezra, he rushed it. I would have liked the Dawgs to make it get under 3:00 with an 8 point lead. Foul Hoyas at the line, and here comes the press after the timeout. BREAK.

Time to get patient with the ball. It would be great to see Ezra and Hayes drive and get fouled. Wright should stay active on defense, he is just like a running motor out there on defense, very annoying for the other teams I a sure. Is Coles coming back in? Hoyas only have one timeout and are not hitting the threes, they need to find that big kid again and rebound.

Ball in, and a turn over. COME ON Dawgs!!!! Georgia can not play like this down the stretch and win. But Georgetown just can not shoot, get that rebound. And Dawgs do.

Wright gets the foul on Braswell and he needs to please hits these free throws. Under 3:00 and Dawgs need free throws. And he missed.

Dawgs making it hard on themselves. Another block by Daniels, huge. And now Ezra doing exactly what we need, driving and getting there free throws. Hit them. But no, Dawgs like to make it hard on themselves making only one of two.

But Dawgs get another turnover and are up 7 with the ball and it is under 2:00. A loss now would be utter self-destruction. Break.

Dawgs can milk the clock a little right now. Get the ball to Ezra, nope Cole now. He needs to hit both of these shots. I agree with the announcer, attack Dawgs. Dawgs are only 7-13 from the line. Dawgs need better than that, and we miss another. Pathetic on the free throws. But Dawgs have taken control with these rebounds. Dawgs need to knock down a few more free throws and this one will be over. Ezra at the line. Makes first and Hoyas are fading. And makes another, a steal by Ezra and this one looks to be over.

Criticisms: Dawgs need to hit their free throws more. It is ridiculous, Ezra will help the Dawgs with the percentage at the end, but this is something that needs to be worked on.

Praise: Dawgs outplayed, out hustled, outsourced, and just out-wanted this game. Daniels stepped up in the second half on defense. Hayes looked great in the first half. Sweetney was limited to nearly nothing in the second half. Dawgs need this type of hustle if they are going to make an impact in the SEC and the NCAAs this season.

Wright, I love the hustle, but hate the one handed crap. Ezra, man he can get on a roll, Dawgs look for real early in the season.

Dawgs win 73-59 over the #15 team in the country

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