Interactive Chat Re-Cap with Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: Marcus Washington was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Washington. Washington then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright, I got Marcus on the line and were ready for questions....

shawbones:: bench press?
Marcus Washington:: I bench 295lbs

jayfire:: how's it feel to be a dawg?
Marcus Washington:: It feels pretty good. Im just ready to show my stuff

GSBdawg:: What was it like to talk with BVG and what did he say to you
Marcus Washington:: He was just telling how he watched me, and how excited he was for me to be a Dawg

shawbones:: 40 time?
Marcus Washington:: I run a 4.6 flat

shawbones:: how does he feel about playing in sanford
Marcus Washington:: Dont get any better. Great atmosphere and the fans are great. Nothing like gameday

GSBdawg:: Will he be tried at LB first or FB
Marcus Washington:: I'm going to play linebacker

jayfire:: what positions have they mentioned?
Marcus Washington:: They haven't talked about any other position besides linebacker, except punt protector

jayfire:: Do you plan on taking any visits?
Marcus Washington:: No, I will not take any other visits. I'm not gonna miss it at all

cordeledog1:: What sets you apart from the average LB ? Closing speed ?
Marcus Washington:: VanGorder said he felt my agressiveness and my leadership qualities were good. It's all about heart, and I never think I'm going to lose

GSBdawg:: weight at present
Marcus Washington:: I weigh 207lbs

shawbones:: what is the one thing you need to improve most in your game?
Marcus Washington:: I need to learn the speed of college football and improve my footwork

scdawg:: what other offers did you have and are others still pursuing you pretty hard...welcome to the dawgnation!!!!!
Marcus Washington:: Ever since I've committed to UGA, other schools haven't bothered me. I had offers from Alabama, Auburn, East Carolina, and Florida was on me hard

GSBdawg:: who was the best player you have faced so far
Marcus Washington:: I can't think of his name, but there's a guy who plays WR for Baldwin (Nick Kyles) who was awesome

jayfire:: any particular player at UGA now that you admire?
Marcus Washington:: Right now, I'd have to say Thomas Davis. I like that guy. He hits real hard and he's so agressive. I watch him on tv just make all the big hits.

shawbones:: have you talked to any other recruits interested in UGA ?
Marcus Washington:: I haven't had a chance to talk to any recruits.

pater15:: redshirt?
Marcus Washington:: The way coach is talking, I won't redshirt next year. But if they ask me to do it, I will

jayfire:: What is your best strength as a player?
Marcus Washington:: My willpower is my biggest strength

shawbones:: what does he squat?
Marcus Washington:: I squat 405lbs

courierdawg:: What did you like best about uga that made you decide to go ahead and commit
Marcus Washington:: It's just the atmosphere all around. I went to Jr Day and they had a scrimmage and it was so intense down there with those guys. It was a great experience. Great coaching staff.

scdawg:: are you going to start recruiting for the dawgs now
Marcus Washington:: As much as I can. If I can help out, I will...

GSBdawg:: What current dawgs have you met on your visit(s)
Marcus Washington:: I met Michael Cooper because he was out with injury on the sideline. I met Danny Verdun who I played against before

cordeledog1:: 207 is light for a LB in thr SEC...Do you think you'll get up to 235 or 240 lbs ?
Marcus Washington:: They haven't talked to me about an ideal playing weight, but I've been told I have the frame to put on some extra pounds

shawbones:: whats the most tackles you've had in a game, and rushing yards
Marcus Washington:: Last game of the year last season, I had 11 tackles and 213yds rushing against Lakeside-Augusta

BeatGAHaters:: what other schools were recruiting heavily and were you surprised by UGA early offer?
Marcus Washington:: Actually I was. I had no idea they were going to offer. Auburn, Alabama and East Carolina had already offered

shawbones:: vertical jump?
Marcus Washington:: I have not been tested in the vertical

courierdawg:: Whos the best player you played against thats playing in college now
Marcus Washington:: Michael Cooper is the best player I played against ever. My freshman year I hit him when he was a freshman. We butted heads a couple of times. I had 7 tackles that game

GSBdawg:: what were your impressions of the intensity of the scrimmages at uga, did it surprise how hard they were going at it
Marcus Washington:: It suprised me a little bit, but I figured it was going to be like that from how pumped up they are on gameday

pater15:: what lb position have they mentioned
Marcus Washington:: The Mike position is what they have spoken to me about

Scott Kennedy:: Marcus, what kind of numbers did you put up last year?
Marcus Washington:: I had 118 tackles, and I wanna say about 500yds

shawbones:: if he was at the nike camp, what other players was he impressed with especially other lbers
Marcus Washington:: I don't really know the guys names, so I cant say for sure.

BeatGAHaters:: what type of expectations do you have for yourself and school this year
Marcus Washington:: Basically to continue being a leader on and off the field. Hopefully lead the team to a championship

Scott Kennedy:: Marcus, what Classification do y'all play and who is your big rival?
Marcus Washington:: Last year we played in AAAA, but we'll be in AAA. I'd have to say the Thomson Bulldogs are our biggest rivals. I have yet to beat them

fan8888:: whats in your cd player
Marcus Washington:: I'd have to say Jae-Kwon is in there now

courierdawg:: What is the top team on your schedule this year
Marcus Washington:: Lincoln County Red Devils are probably the best. This will be our first time playing them

shawbones:: do you have any goals for yourself this upcoming year?
Marcus Washington:: Just to continue being a leader.

shawbones:: shoe size lol
Marcus Washington:: I wear a size 12

fan8888:: How are your grades
Marcus Washington:: They're decent. If I had to make a guess, my GPA is around 2.5... I made a 920 on the SAT

GSBdawg:: What other sports do you participate in
Marcus Washington:: I run the 100m and the 4x1, and I throw shotput

fan8888:: Is there any way that you can graduate HS early?
Marcus Washington:: No. I'll graduate on time next year

shawbones:: have you seen the new dorms?
Marcus Washington:: I haven't seen the new dorms yet. Im excited to get a look at them

shawbones:: what is his best time in the 100?
Marcus Washington:: I ran an 11.21 once

cordeledog1:: If you could name one player you could emulate...Who would it be ?
Marcus Washington:: I try to play like Ray Lewis

jayfire:: Who has made the most positive impact in your life?
Marcus Washington:: Well, I'd have to say my uncle who really inspired me to follow through with football. And my dad.

shawbones:: is he excited about uga being ranked number 1
Marcus Washington:: yes I am. It's great going into an already great program

NVaDawg:: Any possibility of playing any position other than LB
Marcus Washington:: Not that I know of. Im going in strictly as a LB

Scott Kennedy:: did someone ask why he committed early? He had to have been itching for that Georgia offer...
Marcus Washington:: Basically to just go ahead and get one less thing out of the way. I didnt want the pressure of all schools, and in my mind I knew always I wanted to go to Georgia. I talked to my parents and they thought it was a great idea, so I committed

Scott Kennedy:: Marcus, were you surprised by all of the attention from big colleges in May, or was it something you were expecting?
Marcus Washington:: I was suprised. My school gets no recognition because were rebuilding so we get no tv time or anything. It's a remote area and all that...

fan8888:: Can you dance like ray does after a sack?
Marcus Washington:: I probably could, but they dont allow dancing in high school (laughing)

shawbones:: what does he think about uga and their preparation for the nfl
Marcus Washington:: It's great. UGA sends a lot of guys to the NFL, and they always fare well. Marcus Washington:: I talked to Mo Lewis at the Nike Camp and he was telling me about his career and what motivated him and stuff. He told me UGA was a great school

GSBdawg:: How did UGA find out about him
Marcus Washington:: The first time I heard something from them was in a letter and they asked me to come to JR day. My coach sent film to them after that

Marcus Washington:: Tell all the fans that I said thank you for the chat. I'm looking forward to their support my senior year and my first year of college. Go Dawgs!

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