Touching base: Seth Watts

Not to make expectations any higher than they already are, but word is that Seth Watts is pretty good. That word is coming from a lot of people in the know. And now he's recovered from an injury and is getting it done in the weight room.

"He was exceptional," said Watts' high school coach Rick Tomberlin when asked about the offensive lineman's career at Washington County. "Seth Watts was in the upper echelon of division I offensive linemen out there."

Watts dealt with an injury in late 2003 that prevented him from playing in Washington County's playoff run. That injury is healed and according to Tomberlin's reports, Watts is doing better than ever in the weight room.

"He is breaking his own personal records in the weight room. He is about 315 right now and he will probably play at about 300 on the next level. Right now he wears a size 38 (waist)," said Tomberlin noting that Watts is not fat; rather he is putting on muscle, not flab.

"I have been squatting more than ever before, which is pretty ironic considering the injury," said Watts. "I did 405 for six reps the other day; I have never even done five before."

The Washington County program has been staunch supporters of strength and conditioning since Tomberlin arrived more than a decade ago. The results in the weight room, which was recently given a facelift thanks to a generous gift from former WACO stars in the NFL, keep the East Georgia power in the playoffs year in and year out. There is a certain amount of pride that the program has about their weight room statistics.

"My bench is back up to 405 for reps of three," said Watts of his continued work pumping iron.

Washington County's strength program will help Watts in the coming seasons. In fact it could help him grab immediate playing time in the fall. He says that he will be accustomed to the workout mindset in Athens but that he might need a little time keeping up with the actual workouts when they start.

"I think that I will be able to adapt to the mentality because that's what Washington County is all about. But as far as the physical process… I know, that is going to be tough. I knew that before even jumping into it. The actual hard part will be physical part of it," Watts said.

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