Felton talks about future Part II

Last season Dennis Felton and his Georgia Bulldogs just missed out on a NCAA berth. Their second round loss to Kentucky in the SEC tournament was not enough to get them into the NCAAs. A disappointing loss to Iowa State in the NIT closed the book on the careers of seniors Rashad Wright, Damien Wilkins, Chris Daniels, and Jonas Hayes.

With four starters lost, one starter returning and only two other players returning with any significant playing time, Felton spoke with Dean Legge about the future of the Georgia Basketball program.

Legge: Can you talk a little bit about how Corey Gibbs is doing?

Dennis Felton: He is doing fine in terms of his recuperation but his recuperation does not involve any physical activity yet. He is not even able to jog until late this summer with hopes that he might be 80% by the time that we start practice. How is he doing? We are holding our breath. He has had surgery on this same injury three times now. It has taken three times to get it right in terms of him playing basketball. We are going to have to hold our breath and hope that he can make it through this injury… we don't know what to expect.

Legge: What is the one thing that it will take to get this program back to the NCAAs?

Felton: We are a program that was in shambles. You can't jump up 12 months later and come up with one or two things. We are a program that is in its infancy. We are a program that is starting from scratch in every way. We started from scratch last year but we are right back there because we only have three players that are returning that played last year. The leadership of our program is in their hands now… three sophomores. They are still just learning about what it takes to compete at this level. We are going to be relying on them and there will be some freshmen that are learning for the very first time. We are still a program that is really having to attack this thing from all fronts to put it together to put us in position to be a great team. It's going to take a couple of years for us to be in a position to be able to go out there and expect to dominate our competition. Everything from our approach to the game to our work ethic, our focus, our competitiveness, our physical strength, our mental capacity, our skill set, our roster in terms of how many good players that we have… the whole thing, we are starting all over again and it's going to take some time and a lot of effort.

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