Quick Hitters: Vince Dooley

With his time winding down at Georgia, Vince Dooley spoke with Dean Legge at a Georgia Bulldog Club meeting earlier this month. Dooley's quick interview includes him playing around with the audio equipment and explaining what he will do with all of the time that he will have after June 30th.

Vince Dooley: What is that thing? (talking about the recording device)

Legge: Well, it records our conversations.

Dooley: (Laughing) Incredible. You know I have seen a lot of things and that's the smallest one that I have ever seen.

Legge: I bet they didn't have that 1964 and 1965.

Dooley: They had them about that big (showing his hands).

Legge: What does it feel like with these last couple months winding down?

Dooley: I have been as busy as I have ever been; and I intend to be busy because I enjoy being busy. At times I would like to slow it down a little bit. But I certainly don't intend to slow it down too much. It has been my history to be busy and I intend to be busy.

Legge: Can you talk about your gardening a little bit? Is that your passion?

Dooley: Well… I have a passion for a lot of things. I enjoy learning about things. The newest thing that I am reading and learning about is gardening. So, yes it's very passionate for me. But I enjoy history, too. I enjoy the Civil War. I enjoy traveling the battlefields. I have a lot of interest in it and I will probably do a little bit more of it than I have been doing lately.

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