Big Atlanta OL Claiming even Bigger Offers

Atlanta OL Duke Robinson has picked up a host of impressive offers so far in 2004, and he's getting ready to narrow down his favorites list. Which schools is Duke looking at the hardest right now?

"I like Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Miami, and Oklahoma. I have a lot of offers but my coaches have the papers so I don't know all of them. I know I have written offers from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma and LSU though," Duke Robinson said.

Duke has 3 schools with a bit of a lead over the others right now.

"I'm not ready to name a top 5 but Miami, Georgia or LSU probably lead."

What stands out about the top 3 programs on the Atlanta prospects list?

Miami: "They send lots of players to the NFL, and a lot of lineman come from there."

Georgia: "I like their whole program and the coaches. My old teammate Jarvis Jackson goes there."

LSU: "They win a lot of bowls, and I want to get a ring."

What is most important for Duke in picking a school?

"I'm not looking to redshirt anywhere. I want to play some and be in a good program with coaches that look out for their players."

Don't count on this recruiting battle ending anytime in the near future.

"I'll probably take all my visits and make a decision on signing day."

Robinson said he wasn't a fan of any particular school growing up, but did casually follow the Clemson Tigers due to his fondness for their colors. He will be an interesting player to watch this Fall.

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