Tech Week Press Conference

Read selected quotes from Tuesday's press conference. Coach Richt and some of the players talk about David Jacobs and Georgia Tech. Audio clip included.


Audio Clip

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt:

Opening statement:
"Well the big instate rival is this week. Our players are excited about it; our seniors ought to be."

On motivating factor:
"There is not a player on the team that has contributed much to a Georgia victory over Georgia Tech. I think that in itself is enough motivation for these guys to get excited about playing. You have your usual reasons and that is the fact that this is the only game you are playing this week and all those things matter, like the amount of work you have put in this week. I see the players working extremely hard, and I see another motivating factor and that's what happened to David Jacobs and how that has affected everybody's attitude and work ethic. I think it helps our players realize how precious every game and every day is. They think about him a lot when they practice and I know we thought about him a lot in that last ballgame. All those things together ought to be plenty of motivation to play our best."

On David Jacobs:
"David just has an awful lot of rehabilitation to go. He is not in a rehab hospital yet. When he is stable enough, he is going to have to go through speech therapy and physical therapy to recover. The sooner the doctors can get him in that situation, I think the better off he will be. He will be busy working on getting better and not hanging around like he is now."

On Georgia Tech:
"(Georgia Tech) is one of the teams that I am pretty familiar with. I know most of the players names and jersey numbers and what they have done in the past. I have been an admirer of their offense for the past three or four years, just seeing how well they execute. They do a lot of things and they do a lot of things well. They are one of the few teams that can do both. Some teams do a lot of stuff and don't do them real well, and some teams do a few things and do them real well. (Georgia Tech) does a lot of things Ñ a lot of formations and different schemes. They will incorporate the option game and they'll drop back and throw just as good as anybody. They attempt a lot of things and they execute them very well. A lot of that has to do with (quarterback George) Godsey's ability to understand what they are doing, his competitive nature and his accuracy. They have skilled people on offense that I think are as good as anybody in the country. Their defense has eight or nine returning starters, they have team speed and they play hard. Coach (Georgia) O'Leary has them playing tough and physical. They are an outstanding team."

On the number of points Georgia Tech has given up:
"I thought they might be doing better against the score. People have gotten some big plays on them. I don't think that people are driving the ball down their throats. People are getting some big plays and I think some of the yardage and points have come off of big plays. I think if they could cut down on those (big plays), they could be just as good as they were expected to be statistically going into the season. Just like our defense, they are capable, but sometimes they don't play as well as you would like them to play."

On Georgia Tech's offense and quarterback George Godsey:
"They have the ingredients. They have speed, they have a running game and they have a quarterback that knows what he is doing. He is a winner, he is extremely competitive and he is a leader. The quarterback position is about being able to throw and run and make good decisions, but it is also about leadership. There are so many intangibles at the position that if these guys have those types of intangible, it is an advantage. It is tough to beat a team that believes in the guy pulling the trigger."

On key match-ups:
"Our defense has its work cut out for it. When you have the skill at the wide receiver position that they have and a great runner and the balance that they have, it is just tough to stop. I am not sure if it is a particular match-up."

On Georgia's defensive front:
"(Ken) Veal and (David) Pollock will start inside, and (Johnathan) Sullivan will continue to work the buck with (Charles) Grant on the other side. (Josh) Mallard is feeling better, so Mallard will get some time at buck. Shed Wynn will play more. He played a lot last game."


Quarterback David Greene:

On the Georgia Tech game:
"We won't prepare any differently. As a player you are going to watch more film and make sure you have the game plan down."

"We are going to have to do what it takes to win the game and we are not worried about what has happened in the past. Obviously we need to realize that we have not won in the past three years, which puts pressure on us to win the game, but it isn't any more pressure than what we already put on ourselves."

On last weeks game:
"We moved the ball up and down the field and didn't have to throw the ball as much. It was a good game for us."

On Georgia Tech being a night game:
"It is going to be another football game in a way. Emotions are going to be high and we need to step it up and play our best game. Our seniors have not beaten Tech and we definitely want them to go out with a win."

On Georgia Tech's Quarterback George Godsey:
"After watching him play this year and last, he is a competitor. He does whatever it takes to win games."

Tailback Verron Haynes:

On the importance of the Georgia Tech game:
"Being an in-state rivalry, you tend to get up a little more for these games. You want the bragging rights when you are playing guys you know and went to high school with."

"It will be tremendous to beat Tech my senior year. The atmosphere here at Georgia would be uplifted. I wouldn't mind having bragging rights with some of the guys I know on the Tech team."

On the Georgia Tech defense:
"They tend to fly around to the ball. They tend to cause a lot of havoc and they show you a lot of different looks. They do a great job and play solid football."

On the running game:
"At this level I don't think we can be one-dimensional. I think our running game and our passing game compliment each other. If you have a successful running game and a successful passing game it works hand in hand. It opens up holes."

Wide receiver Terrence Edwards:

On beating Georgia Tech:
"This senior class has not beaten Tech yet, so we want to send them out on a winning note. The atmosphere is going to be great and both teams are going to go out and try to play there best game."

"You play all year for this game. I just hope this year is a good clean game and we come out on top."

On playing Georgia Tech at night:
"We have to stay focused all day Saturday (at the hotel) and go out and win."

On making the big play:
"Last week we didn't have as many opportunities to use the passing game because the running game was on. We have to carry over to this week on making the big plays when they are in front of you."

On blocking more in last week's game at Ole Miss:
"The receiving core made it a point to get better on the blocking on the perimeter, so we worked on that more in practice. It was fun to see the backs get those kind of yards."

Linebacker Will Witherspoon:

On Georgia Tech's Quarterback George Godsey:
"He gets it done and makes the plays for them. He makes good decisions and has a good running game with him."

On going out with a win:
"There is really no way to explain what it would mean. It is hard to swallow that we have lost some close games in the past few years to Tech. I want to be able to say I have accomplished something I wanted to accomplish."

On David Jacobs:
"I have heard he is doing well and things are going better for him. Things are positive and some prayers are being answered. It makes you realize what you have. He is someone who puts everything he has into something and to see him down is hard to face. It is hard to not have him out there with his experience and his ability. We have made a lot of adjustments on the line. It is hard to lose one of your anchor points in the defense."

Center Curt McGill

On David Jacobs:
"It is tough to think something like that could happen. It is confusing at times to think that could happen while you are playing."

On the Georgia Tech game:
"We are going to have to go out today and tomorrow and have a good practice. The coaches will have us ready for the game. It is going to be a good game for us."

On the Georgia Tech defense:
"They have two great defensive ends. They have some good guys up front and we are going to have to be ready to play."

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