Big OL Has Dawgs On Top

Columbus product Marlon Davis is one of the biggest lineman in the Peach State for the class of '05. He has had the Dawgs on top from the outset, but will he garner an offer from Mark Richt and staff?

"I like Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, Florida State, Tennessee and Florida. Florida and Georgia have been recruiting me the hardest," Davis said.

Who's out front right now?

"Georgia is my leader. They are the state University and I have been a UGA fan my entire life."

What stands out about the other schools on Marlon's list?

Alabama: "I have liked Alabama for a long time also. Both of my parents are big Tide fans."

Maryland: "Their offensive line coach came by my school and I liked how he talked about their campus atmosphere, academics, and the overall scheme of their offense."

Florida State: "I have been to their football camp before and I like the staff. I really like Coach Bowden and how they run their team."

Tennessee: "It's really the same as Maryland. Their coach came by the school and I like how they run their practices and their style of offense."

Florida: "Zook is a passing coach and I like to pass block. They also have a good medicine program and I want to major in orthopedic medicine."

What is Marlon looking for most in the school of his choice?

"A very good medical program is the first thing. I also want a place with a good winning tradition and a good football program."

What does Davis feel he does the best right now, and what does he feel he needs to improve upon?

"Were mostly a run team so I feel I can pull out and pick up linebackers downfield. I think I drive block pretty well. Before I get to college I need to work on my pass blocking mainly. We don't do a lot of passing in our offense, so I just need the extra practice."

The Carver High School standout will camp at Georgia on July 9th-10th, and will attend Auburn's Senior camp this summer as well. Marlon carries a 3.8 GPA and will have no trouble qualifying academically.

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