3 Offers and A Leader for OL

Cartersville OL Ian Smith is one of the top big men in the Peach State for the class of '05. He has already picked up 3 big time offers, and more should be on their way this summer. Who currently occupies the top spot on his favorite list?

"I have offers from Florida, Florida State and Alabama now. Florida was the first school to offer, then Florida State offered a weak after that, and now Alabama just offered me today," Ian Smith said.

Ian named Georgia the team to beat the last time we spoke. Is that still the case?

"My top 5 is Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Maryland. Georgia is my leader. I have always liked them, and they have shown me the most interest even though they haven't offered yet."

The Rebels slide in at the 2nd spot on Smith's list.

"Ole Miss is my #2 team. They have shown me a lot of interest, and I have heard a lot of good things about them."

What stands out about the other schools on Ian's list?

Auburn: "I really like the town, and I have been a fan of them also."

Alabama: "I like Tuscaloosa, and I like the coaching staff a lot."

Maryland: "I haven't seen the campus up there yet, but I've heard good things about the whole program."

What does Ian feel he does best at the high school level?

"I think I'm a better run blocker than anything. I'm more of ago right at them type of guy, instead of sitting back and waiting for them to come at me."

What is the Purple Hurricane star looking for most in a school, and does he have a time table for his decision?

"I'm looking at the coaching staff and the players already there to see if I can fit in. I'm going to try and make a decision sometime within the next football season."

Smith will camp at Georgia, Ole Miss, and Auburn this summer. He projects as a full academic qualifier.

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