SEC Battle Shaping Up For QB

North Carolina QB Jonathan Crompton is one of the top players at his position in the class of '05. He has been mentioned in Tennessee circles for quite some time, but just recently the Georgia Bulldogs have stepped up with an offer and given Jonathan a lot of things to think about. Who holds the lead in the race for his signature now?

"The schools I like in no particular order are Georgia, Tennessee, Nebraska and Michigan. It's mainly between Georgia and Tennessee though. It's neck and neck right now and I don't have a leader yet," Jonathan Crompton said.

What stands out about the Dawgs and Vols?

"With Georgia, I like Coach Richt and Coach Bobo. I like their campus as well. I like Tennessee because of Coach Fulmer and Coach Sanders. My offense in high school is sort of a mix between UGA and UT so I feel comfortable in both of them. I've been to both schools so much that I feel I know my around each place as well."

What is he looking for most in the school of his choice?

"I want a good academic school where I can get my degree. I'm also looking for a place with an opportunity to compete and play for championships. I think Georgia and Tennessee both give me the chance to do those things."

Does the Tarheel State standout see any differences in playing time or depth chart at either University?

"They're pretty much the same except Georgia wants to redshirt me. That's not really a big factor because I'm not afraid of competition."

There was a time when this recruiting battle wasn't nearly as close as it is. What factors caused Georgia to extend a scholarship offer to Jonathan?

"Tennessee was my clear leader for a while because I had heard Georgia wasn't going to offer a quarterback in this class since they had signed two in February. But when A.J. Bryant came in early and they moved him to wide receiver, that opened up a spot for a QB and they called and offered me. I felt I owed it to myself to take a look at them. I'm starting to get comfortable with Georgia now, and I was already comfortable with Tennessee."

As is sometimes the case with many top signal callers, Crompton has had no shortage of fellow recruits lining up to follow him to the school of his choice. Does he feel any pressure to go ahead and make an early commitment due to this fact?

"I've been thinking about that a lot. I know if I commit early, that it could help my school have an even bigger and stronger class and that's something I'm considering. Josh Briscoe and I have talked about going to school together and I love him to death. He comes and spends the weekend with me sometimes."

The Waynesville resident already has a major picked out and he's done his homework in regards to the academic prestige of both Universities.

"I'd like to major in Speech Communications. I've always wanted to do something with sports and I'd love to be a football broadcaster or an analyst. We've gone in depth checking both of these two schools out and each of them have great speech programs. I met the professors at each school and they were basically the same, but I liked the head of the department at Georgia because he just loosened everybody up. He seemed like he'd be a cool guy to have a class under."

Is there one thing that Jonathan feels sets him apart from his peers at the quarterback position?

"I'd say it's my work ethic. My coach is killing me everyday and he's getting me ready for what I'll have to face in college. I also think my knowledge of the game helps me a lot. Some guys will just go out and play, but I study the game and try to make myself as good as I can possibly be."

Crompton's high school team has made many UT traditions their own, including putting the ‘Power T' on the sides of their helmets and ‘running through the T' onto the field before games. Will Jonathan choose to continue these traditions at the next level as a Tennessee Volunteer? Or will the Georgia Bulldogs convince Crompton to trade in the ‘Power T' for the ‘Oval G' and ‘running through the T,' for ‘playing between the hedges'?

Stay tuned!

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