In-State Battle For QB?

Tray Rutland was arguably the best quarterback in attendance at TheInsiders/MSL Combine in Atlanta earlier this year. That performance has drawn Rutland significant interest from across the country, and brought him a ton of scholarship offers to boot. Who leads for the metro Atlanta product right now?

"Off the top of my head I have offers from North Carolina, Connecticut, Tennessee, Ohio State, Bowling Green, Ball State, Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and North Carolina State," Rutland said.

Who has made his early list of favorites?

"I don't have a top 5 yet or anything like that. My top schools are Georgia and Georgia Tech though."

What stands out about the Dawgs and Jackets?

Georgia: "They have 2 quarterbacks leaving, and then it's open. I know all about Blake Barnes, but I know about Tray Rutland as well."

Georgia Tech: "I know Reggie (Ball) is the man right now, but I think I have all the ability that he has, and a bigger frame as well."

What is most important to Rutland when picking the school of his choice?

"I want a place I can go and get an education. I have not decided whether I want to stay close to home, but I know I don't want to be all up in that cold."

What does Tray feel he does best at the high school level, and what must he improve upon to become a successful college signal caller?

"I feel I'm ahead of everyone. Coach Warren tutors me on a pro level and that gives me a jump on everyone else. I need to work on my technique within my footwork to add that extra flavor."

What goals have the Tri-Cities star set for himself in '04?

"I want to lead our team past the first round of the playoffs and throw for over 2000yds."

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