Imposing OL Names a Leader

Paul Duncan is one of the top OL's in the south and he's just recently started seeing the offers flood in. The big man now names a new top 5 with a brand new leader.

"I like Duke, Notre Dame, LSU, Texas and Georgia. I have written offers from Duke and LSU. My coach said that Notre Dame and Texas told him they were offering also. Georgia is really the only school not showing me that much interest yet," Paul Duncan said.

Who leads for Paul now?

"Notre Dame is my favorite. I love their tradition and their academics. It's also nice that they are a catholic school. Since I was a little kid I have always said I would love to play there."

Duke: "I like their academics and they have really turned the football program around."

LSU: "They won the national title last year and that's a real big thing."

Texas: "They have a great football team and when you say Texas people know who you're talking about."

Georgia: "It's real close to home and my family is here."

What is Duncan looking for most in a school?

"Good academics is the main thing I want. I also want to win wherever I go."

What is Paul doing to better himself this summer?

"I'm doing workouts and conditioning at my school every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Starting in July, we'll be working out every day."

Duncan plans to camp at every one of his top 5 schools in the coming weeks.

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