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You name it, we talked about it. An hour long chat session with the members of the Dawgpost and TheInsiders' Scott Kennedy, Ryan Jordan, and Chad Simmons. <b>If you're a Georgia fan, or even a recruiting fan in General, you'll find more information in this transcript than you will surfing 10 hours of updates</b>... Don't Miss It!

Brad79: Chad I talked to peach countys head coach's wife up in Athens (about their players' academics.)
Scott Kennedy: there are only two guys on Peach County with decent grades right now: Trevor Scott and Brandon Lowe

nchamps: are we close to offering tony wright
Scott Kennedy: There's no rush to offer Tony Wright, because of the grade issues, same thing with Brandon Lang last year

Brad79: hmm that's what she told me too, she said they all love UGA though
Scott Kennedy: I think AU has a chance with Dewberry

Brazilian Dawg: Scott, do you see us getting someone from Fla in this class, which one would we have better chance at
Scott Kennedy: Georgia is all over Eugene Hayes... there's a shot there

Scott Kennedy: I've been hard on Larry Cox this spring... but he was at AU... hes dropped 20 pounds since his playing weight, and he looked a lot better... I'm going to move him to DE... I don't think he is going to carry the weight to play DT

RyanJordan: Cox may have been the best DL in 1 on 1 drills at AU, He looked very quick with the weight he lost.

Scott Kennedy: I got to put an eyeball on Duke Robinson this weekend as well... he looked in person like he looked on film... big... but a little slow of foot.

RyanJordan: Note on Duke:  He sat out the entire Sunday morning session due to the heat... He was drinking gatorade 

Scott Kennedy: Tray Dunmnon of Hawkinsville was one of the most impressive OL there, he reminds me a lot of Cam Mayo of Dalton that signed with Tennessee.
shadrachian: hawkinsville is becoming a prospect factory nowadays.

Brad79: ryan what do u think Keith Fitzhugh of Lovejoy will rank?
RyanJordan: That's a question for Scott.  I like Keith a lot though
Brad79: scott what do you think? 4 star?
Scott Kennedy: Probably, but I need to watch Fitzhugh closer... I didn't see a 4 star DB when I watched Lovejoy play
ChadSimmons: Keith really likes MSU and Vandy

thedogfather: Was Josh McNeil the Center from Mississippi there?
Scott Kennedy: no, he wasn't there. Jerrell Powe was there though. he's the best DT in the south, and it's not really that close...
thedogfather: Better than Brandon Perry?
RyanJordan: yes tdf. Jerrell Powe ran a 5.15 and weighed in at 322lbs....
Scott Kennedy: yeah, Powe is better than Perry...
thedogfather: Does Powe like UGA?
RyanJordan: Powe has grade issues, favors AU right now. Wayne County, MS has been good to Auburn in recent years.. Steve Gandy is from there.
RyanJordan: Powe is so fast that they were having a little competition at AU amongst the DL's to see who could come out of their stance and sprint 10yds the fastest..... Powe made it all the way to the final 5 against guys who weighed over 100lbs less than him in some cases

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: Powe looks like Jonathan Sullivan on film, esp with that no. 57
shawbones: where is the video of powe? (Right Here)

Brazilian Dawg: Scott when will TheInsiders will have their rankings up? Stars, Top 100, etc
Scott Kennedy: BD, waiting on Jamie. We've all turned in our Regional rankings, you can get an idea on the stars from there.

dawgUGA77: who impressed the most at their camp
RyanJordan: Powe was prob the best guy there overall... Impressing the most by position is easier to relay

bhdawg: How bout Chris Scott  fsu or ga?
RyanJordan: Watch out for MSU bh..
bhdawg: croom
ChadSimmons: Scott really likes GT also
RyanJordan: MSU has a history with Lovejoy guys
ChadSimmons: Well for Scott and Fitzhugh, they have a teammate there in Michael Heard

redbeanskookin: Any news on Mohamed Massaquoi?
RyanJordan: Nothing new since Friday redbeans... He has UGA way out front right now.. If it's not the Dawgs, it's the Vols

wayxdawg: Question on Quincy Marshall, is he a top 25 guy in the STATE, top 20?
Scott Kennedy: no, I don't think so Wayx. too much talent in the state of Georgia. Tray Blackmon, Marcus Washington, Dan Foster, Antonio Clay, Darius Dewberry. All of those guys would be ahead of Marshall right now. The talent at linebacker in the state is sick this year.

Brad79: so u we get dan foster?
RyanJordan: I think Foster goes to FSU
ChadSimmons: Brad, Ryan tinks Foster to Noles and I like him to UGA. :)

advantis: Someone give me some good vibes on Brandon Perry, he's at the top of my wishlist right now.
RyanJordan: Perry is going to GA barring a change
Scott Kennedy: yeah, I think it would take a small miracle for some school to get Perry (other than Georgia)

thedogfather: How good is UF commit Kalvin Baker?
Scott Kennedy: Baker is a helluva high school player. He's about 5-11+ and 230 pounds. big middle linebacker. I am curious how he makes the transition from DE to MLB in college though.
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: Baker is a Tony Gilbert clone physically. but can he play standing up?  who knows?
Scott Kennedy: Clay plays DE too... but he's quicker than Baker
RyanJordan: Clay is very quick
dawgUGA77: clay said in todays bakas article, UM or OU

thedogfather: Would Baker have gotten a UGA offer?
Scott Kennedy: tgf, maybe a late offer, but the guys I mentioned earlier at LB are ahead of him right now.

dawgUGA77: i know we're gonna get some from NC, but do we get anybody from FLA this year if so who
ChadSimmons: Eugene Hayes is from FLA, Georgia is on him pretty darn hard

JeffJohn: Who is our number 1 recruit at safety? Byrd or another?
Scott Kennedy: I can't comment on who Georgia would want, but mine would be Big Byrd. (C.J. Byrd).
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: here in augusta we hear that Uga will be in it until the end on Byrd

redbeanskookin: Antaveous Coates gets a scholly at camp right?
Scott Kennedy: redbean... I wouldn't count on it... I watched some film on him this weekend... he didn't play much as a junior... Coates' highlight tape only had about 4 plays on it... but two of them were a couple of the nastiest hits I'd seen....
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: they want to see Coates play to match his physical talent
Scott Kennedy: he may end up like Roshad Gilyard at Auburn

critdog: how did blackmon look at au's camp?
Scott Kennedy: crit, he looked pretty good in coverage... he and Travis Hart looked like a couple of muzzled dogs...  no hitting... hey wanted to hit someone so bad... it was funny

ChadSimmons: Ryan, have you heard anything on Jarvis Kyles and a UGA offer?
RyanJordan: Coach said he had one from Martinez Chad

Brazilian Dawg: The Bama kid, Montez Billings, how good is he? Can we steal him from there?
Scott Kennedy: BD,  Billings is pretty good... he's a guy you have to recruit, but he's not Kenny O'Neal or Calvin Johnson
RyanJordan: Billings looked good... He's rail thin but he absolutely schooled this one guy. The best WR/DB there was Wayne McPhadden from Ely in Florida... He had no offers, but he did so well that AU offered him after the camp.

critdog: what about Carlos Thomas
Scott Kennedy: Carlos is at Clemson's passing camp today. he is Georgia or Florida unless something changes. Carlos is explosive. A bit small at 5-11, but he is lightning fast and he has good hands and body control...

dawgUGA77: parkview tight end do we offer him or want him,  heard he was impressive
Scott Kennedy: I would guess that Georgia is recruiting Stephen Gowland and would love to have him at camp
RyanJordan: Gowland is a specimen
Scott Kennedy: I think he's the state's best TE

redbeanskookin: Any yall talked to Justin Mincey?
RyanJordan: I've talked to Mincey quite a bit... mincey
Scott Kennedy: I heard 2nd hand that at least one college recruiter thinks Mincey is the 2nd best player in the state. better athlete than Grant, but not quite as good as Boss.
RyanJordan: I would give UGA the advantage with him... 

thedogfather: Does UGA still bother to recruit Rouse?
ChadSimmons: Rouse is a Nole

ulknight: Do you guys think Fred Bussey from Upson-Lee will get a UGA offer?
Scott Kennedy: he's a LB recruit, so I don't know..there are just so many dang LB's in the state this year... probably not a soul in the class of '06... lol.. it'll be like QB's this year

JeffJohn: At this point , who do ya'll think the next to committing to UGA is?
Scott Kennedy: Massaquoi would be my guess
JeffJohn: I hope so
redbeanskookin: awesome
JeffJohn: Scott, is MAssaquoi a 3 star or a 4 star WR?
Scott Kennedy: no idea... Miller is easy with the stars, so probably a 4 :)

thedogfather: Scott, did you really hear a rumor from a coach that UGA was in it for Rouse?
Scott Kennedy: yeah TGF, I don't make that kind of stuff up...I just don't buy it...
thedogfather: What if bowden retires?
Scott Kennedy: he'll play the game like Willie Williams and Ernie Sims, then he'll do what everyone expects him to do... just like Ernie Sims and Willie Williams.

Brad79: how bout Patrick Turner?
RyanJordan: UGA is not in it with Turner Brad

pater15: scott what about Josh McNeil?
Scott Kennedy: Pater, I've heard Georgia is the team to beat on McNeil.  #2 player in Mississippi on my board right now.
ChadSimmons: I believe McNeil is camping at UGA in July
bhdawg: Heard cutcliffe is making a run at him
Scott Kennedy: can't believe I left him off the South Hot 100

Brad79: scott do you think richt will sign the best class since he's been at uga?
Scott Kennedy: yeah.. I do... at least quality wise...

critdog: what about the kids from cartersville?
ChadSimmons: I really like Ian Smith of Cartersville at OG
Scott Kennedy: critdog, I heard from one coach that Smith is the #2 guy on the OL board. I heard Scott and Robinson from two other places though as the #2 guy. the only one that stays the same is Charles Jackson. No matter who I talk to, he's the one that is always on the Top 2. The other guy has changed between Ian Smith, Chris Scott, and Duke Robinson depending on who I talk to, so I'm not sure.
ChadSimmons: I was told the top two OL's on our board were Chris Scott and Charles Jackson
Scott Kennedy: as I was saying...

critdog: who thinks Paul Duncan gets an offer?
Scott Kennedy: crit, I don't know if he gets one or not...
ChadSimmons: Duncan may have one after camping? If he don't get one then he may be gone to ND

redbeanskookin: What are the chances of swinging avery atkins?  Slim to none?
Scott Kennedy: Atkins has been talking all in state schools

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: scott, if he'd been in the "south", would you have rated Byrd as highly as miller did
Scott Kennedy: Apu, he would have been top 10 on my board, and the #1 safety
ChadSimmons: UGA really wants Byrd and I like their chances against anyone right now.

critdog: Chad, what about James Davis?
ChadSimmons: critdog, James Davis really likes UGA alot. When I was at his school last week that's about all he was talking about. He talked to me about meeting Richts wife, kids....etc...

idapappie: scott what's the word on willie williams will he get to go play ball
Scott Kennedy: idapappie.. I think he gets to play... probably not this year though.

nchamps: how good is Stephone Lafrance?
Scott Kennedy: ncchamp..... physically, he's awesome... but LaFrance hasn't proven it on the field yet... I've only seen him run a 40 and height and weight

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: how good is the kid from atl that committed/decommitted from clemson - Ramon McElrathbey?
RyanJordan: very good apu.  I like him a whole lot. He's one of the fastest kids in the south, and his stock will continue to go up... I think that's why he decommitted

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: is King from Hoco good enough for a DB offer?
RyanJordan: yes Apu, but it's a numbers crunch. King is as strong as any DB in the country.  I'd put him up against anyone.

critdog: what is going on with Kyle Moore?
RyanJordan: I talked to Kyle today, still the same as the last update

thedogfather: Where did Brandyn Young commit?
Scott Kennedy: Maryland.  he was at Auburn's passing camp, most people there got the feeling that he wasn't done yet

ChadSimmons: Scott, do you see "Double E" being better than Nyang? I would have thought Nyang would have had the first UGA offer out of those 2.
Scott Kennedy: no, Nyang is on a different level physically

nchamps: what about Johnny Belt is he a top wr in ga
Scott Kennedy: ncchams... physically, Belt is the best receiver in the state... but as far as player... he's not that great a player yet... think of the difference between Durrell Stegall and Demiko Goodman.  I just mean in the sense that he is more "prospect" than "player" right now.
ChadSimmons: Belt has a great upside I think
Scott Kennedy: Belt is a helluva prospect

RyanJordan: BTW...Thomas Brown told Brad Lester he's going to UGA to play CB.  
Scott Kennedy: nah... Thomas Brown will never be a corner... lol.. (I put him 1st Team All-South at Corner).
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: he and Michael Grant will get a shot at KOR along with Gibson

thedogfather: Is Brandon Miller going to be a Jack of all Trades?
RyanJordan: I think Miller plays OLB
gablue1: Miller starts at OLB and grows into a DE
ChadSimmons: i agree gablue

dawgUGA77: do we go after Tony Wright or any rb's in particular
Scott Kennedy: dawguga77, I think Wright gets the Brandon Lang Recruitment... ot formally offered until everything else is pretty well wrapped up... no reason to make a formal offer to him because of academics...
ChadSimmons: James Davis will be the only RB we offer in GA I think. James Davis is the top back on Georgia's  list
Scott Kennedy: Wright is a better back than Davis, but Davis has the grades... and the offers...

dawgUGA77: Scott, you always talk about committ now offers.  What is the alternative, can you explain
Scott Kennedy: a lot of prospects think they have offers when they don't. "you look like a scholarship player to us". some kids will report that as an offer... I call a "he can commit now" offer a real offer. One that a kid can call a coach at any given time and commit and it will be taken. There are about 1/4 as many of those out there as reported offers.
critdog: will Michael Grant play this year?
ChadSimmons: I think Grant does play
gablue1: Grant will play if he stays healthy
critdog: grant and Ramarcus Brown sound like the pair of lock down corners we need for the future

nchamps: A.J. Bryant will start by the first game of the season
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: nchamps, I'll take that bet
ChadSimmons: AJ will NOT start the first game
nchamps: Him an fred will team up
bhdawg: I'll take that bet
critdog: nchamps I will take that bet
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: AJ will not beat out Reggie Brown
nchamps: Just wait an see

gablue1: AJ most likely will be the 3rd or 4th wr in the first game
Shadrachian: it's like no one remembers that reggie was all-world when he came in here....he's got talent in spades.
nchamps: Not that r brown is not good or anything its just that aj is going to blossum before the season starts
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: well, Reggie was clearly overrated through no fault of his own
Shadrachian: i dunno...i still think reggie hasn't peaked yet.

critdog: the thing with reggie and fred is can they stay healthy for a whole year? My money is on NO

theoriginalsocaldawg: Reggie is the leading returning SEC receiver this upcoming year FWIW.

theoriginalsocaldawg: I thought Reggie was AWESOME in the Citrus Bowl.

Critdog: chad who do you think we get from douglass
ChadSimmons: I think Georgia has a great shot at Davis, Sesay and Battle right now

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: thanks a lot for doing this guys - ya'll have a good night

Scott Kennedy - Thanks for coming by the chat, we had a great turnout. And thanks for reading the transcript! Thank you for being members of Dawgpost and TheInsiders!

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