A Candid Conversation with a Top Prospect

<b>Mark Paschal</b> is a fullback prospect out of North Carolina that is keeping his head on straight despite an overwhelming amount of attention. He talks about his favorites, but that is maybe the least important part of getting to know the person. Paschal has a candid conversation with TheInsiders' Chad Simmons.

"I now have eleven offers. Not too much has changed really. UCLA has been and still is the team recruiting me the hardest," said Mark Paschal.

What other schools are recruiting Paschal, but have yet to offer?

"Georgia, Maryland are recruiting me, but haven't offered. I am getting mail from a lot of other schools too."

With UCLA the team showing Paschal the most attention, will distance be a factor?

"No, distance won't matter. If I feel that is the right place for me, then that is where I will go. "

Other than receiving letters and phone calls, what else has been keeping Paschal busy this summer?

"I have been to camps at North Carolina and Clemson so far. I have one camp remaining and that is at Georgia on July 9th and 10th. Other than camping, I have visited a few schools also. I have been to North Carolina (Paschal's Dad played there), Clemson, Georgia Tech, USC, UCLA, Virginia, Duke, and maybe a few more. I enjoyed them all. I am just trying to get a feel of the campus and environment of each school."

Paschal being a star on both sides of the ball are schools recruiting him at linebacker or fullback?

"All the schools want me at fullback. I think I am pretty good. I feel like my strengths are my quickness, my strength, and I am aver good receiver out of the backfield. My weakness...Not really sure of one, but I always look to improve any way I can."

Can Paschal give TheInsiders a leader or top five?

"I can give you six or seven schools I am really interested in. I like Georgia, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, UCLA, North Carolina and Vanderbilt."

Paschal is in great shape academically. "I have a 3.1 GPA and have scored an 1130 on the SAT."

Paschal is a very intelligent and humble athlete. With that said he wanted to leave on this...

"I am so blessed to have the opportunity to play the game I love. It also overwhelms me to have the chance to continue my education at the best academic university in the country. I am also grateful to my parents for providing for me and to the coaches who continue to mold and motivate me. Without both, I would not have this opportunity."

"I'm planning to use the next few weeks to continue my evaluation process and totally focus my energies and efforts to become the best player I can for my senior year. My senior class teammates are all competitors and great friends. Each one of us plan to leave high school as high school state champs...right now, that's my number one goal."

"Therefore, I am going to be patient through this process and make a decision that I know is right. It could happen in early July or after my senior season is complete. I just know one thing; you only have one time to play as a senior in high school. My senior friends and I want to enjoy every practice and game, compete on every snap and leave as champions, collectively."

Editor's Note – I think a lot of us just became fans of Mark Paschal. I know I did – Scott Kennedy, TheInsiders Southeast.

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