Holmes: Play at plate was "Just Baseball"

OMAHA – Georgia didn't have its fireplug at the end of the game to celebrate; he was banished to the Bulldog locker room.

"I have been trying my whole life to get to the College World Series," said Georgia shortstop Justin Holmes.

A disappointing 2001 CWS motivated Holmes to return to Nebraska. When he finally made it back to Omaha he was forced to watch Will Startup close out Arizona… on a television… in Georgia's equipment room.

According to Holmes that was not fair.

In the 6th inning against Arizona, Holmes tagged from 3rd and tried to score on a fly to left. He was going to add an insurance run to Georgia's lead. Admittadly, Holmes did not make a good decision about trying to extend the Bulldog lead.

The confusing part about the play from Holmes was not that he was thrown out at home but that he was also thrown out of the game.

Home Plate Umpire Dave Buck ejected Holmes for his collision with Arizona catcher Nick Hundley. But Georgia Head Coach David Perno said that the home plate collision rule has been applied inconsistently this post season.

Perno explained his displeasure with what he sees as inconsistent interpretation of the rule regarding the play at the plate. He said that it has been occurring for the last few weeks. He pointed to Georgia's game against Middle Tennessee State in the Athens Regional two weeks ago as his example on inconsistency among umpires with regard to the rule.

"The play at the plate is going to be an issue," said Perno of the play. "There wasn't anything flagrant about it."

"When I looked up we had the collision," said Holmes of the play. "I was not trying to hurt him; it was just baseball."

Holmes said that he had not been thrown out of a game since arguing balls and strikes "back in AAU when I was 14, I think."

Holmes will not miss Georgia's game against Texas Sunday night (ESPN2 @ 7 PM) because he was not thrown out for fighting.

"I was just trying to play hard," Holmes said. "Its baseball and we are playing for the national championship."

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